Posted by: Will Rockwell

Dawn - 07/21/19 03:20 PM

It's always fun to remix this song, now I have pro JBL monitors and Melodyne to lock in the vocals. I wrote this in 1975, can't remember the girl it was written for. The BB instrumentation gives it the weight I always imagined, but couldn't play myself.

Posted by: Deryk - PG Music

Re: Dawn - 07/22/19 07:17 AM

Nicely done, Will smile Love the groove and progressions, and the song really packs a powerful patch. That chorus is perfectly catchy. I'm getting some strong 80's rock vibes here.

Thanks for sharing!
Posted by: Jim

Re: Dawn - 07/22/19 08:15 AM

Another nice tune from you...
It has a pleasant Buddy Holly feel to it...
Thanks, I enjoyed the listen.
Posted by: gruverider

Re: Dawn - 07/22/19 05:40 PM

Wonderful rocking tune! I love the power of the drums, driving this!
Posted by: rayc

Re: Dawn - 07/23/19 06:27 AM

Def Buddy vibe.
There's not much happening on the left channel for the verses - possibly because of the crunchy guitar on the right.
The Holly Everyday jangle of the intro is a little overpowering.
Fun song.
Well done.
Posted by: Rustyspoon#

Re: Dawn - 07/23/19 07:31 AM

Nice vintage resurrection. Good work on this! Mix is clear. Everything sits very well.
I like your tunes, and this was not exception. Typing this, I realized that "playlist" of your tunes is playing for the past 40 mins in the background smile

Thank you for sharing!

Posted by: Joe -PG Music

Re: Dawn - 07/23/19 01:01 PM

Hey Will, this is excellent! Excellent mixdown on all of this and I really dug the chord progression. Looking forward to hear more!
Posted by: TuneMonger

Re: Dawn - 07/23/19 08:28 PM

It all fit together really well IMHO, I enjoyed it. Especially liked the soaring guitars in the beginning.
Posted by: dcuny

Re: Dawn - 07/23/19 08:56 PM

Originally Posted By: Will Rockwell
I wrote this in 1975, can't remember the girl it was written for.

Captures the sound of time perfectly.

Love the jangling guitars.

Catchy chorus.

Fun listen! laugh
Posted by: Crossroads

Re: Dawn - 07/25/19 09:12 AM

Hi Will,

a really good rocking song that made my feet tap from bar one. Well-written and well-sung. Very enjoyable.


Posted by: Scott C

Re: Dawn - 07/26/19 08:04 AM

This was really good. Loved the bass lines in this song. Guitar sounds great. Super vocal