That Dog Won't Hunt

Posted by: Ronnie Fields

That Dog Won't Hunt - 07/21/19 08:12 PM

I was watching "Roadhouse" of all movies and there was a scene where Sam Elliot said "Son, that dog won't hunt, and I thought I could write a song from that line. I also grew up idolizing Chet Atkins so this style fit the song perfectly..
Posted by: Deryk - PG Music

Re: That Dog Won't Hunt - 07/22/19 07:53 AM

Really nicely done, Ronnie smile Really catchy and the groove is fantastic. You manage to consistently capture that old school country vibe in your tunes, and I really enjoy it. Interesting inspiration as well!

Thanks for sharing smile
Posted by: Jim

Re: That Dog Won't Hunt - 07/23/19 08:37 AM

Another good one Ronnie...
Be thankful...
At least your beagle chases butterflies smile!