Like a Woman Feels

Posted by: JoanneCooper

Like a Woman Feels - 09/12/19 03:33 AM

On 50 90 I was approached by Tony McGlinchey to have a look at his lyrics to see if there was anything I fancied putting to music. The title of this one immediately caught my eye because, in South Africa, we have recently been experiencing the scourge of gender-based violence so this lyric was quite topical.

how many stones does her love weigh
how many boulders has she had to break
how does she carry all
the weight and the pain
the slave to love has a quarried face

how many roads has she explored
torrential rains has she endured
too many floods her eyes have poured
she goes hungry so you have yours

all this from the will of a woman
she's cast from the iron and the steel
rose up from the wicked and stubborn
coz, nobody loves, like a woman feels
nobody loves, like a woman feels

she shakes the coldest nights like a blanket
fakes the passion, though she can't stand it
even holds you when it's her who's hurting
she makes the cogs and wheels keep turning

too many years has her heart bled
the love she craves, just lies there dead
twists and turns every word she said
her back is broken so the world is fed

The tracks:
RealTracks in style: ~2320:Bass, Acoustic, JazzWaltzRonHeld Sw 140
RealTracks in style: ~1431:Pedal Steel, Rhythm PopWaltz Ev 180
RealTracks in style: 900:Guitar, Acoustic, Strumming FolkRockWaltz Ev 150
RealTracks in style: 1108:Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking BluegrassWaltz Ev 140
RealDrums [in style:PopRockWaltzBrushesEv: a: Brushes b: PopRockWaltzBrushesEv
RT994:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm CountryWaltzGrittyStrum Sw 14
RT860:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm HardRockWaltzSustainA-B Ev 14
Posted by: Deryk - PG Music

Re: Like a Woman Feels - 09/12/19 06:27 AM

Wow Joanne - you certainly did these lyrics justice. Very powerful stuff - your vocals soar on this, and really punch at your chest. Excellent instrumentation to match as well. It makes for an attention grabbing piece.

I wouldn't change a thing - really great work, thanks for sharing smile
Posted by: Rustyspoon#

Re: Like a Woman Feels - 09/12/19 06:54 AM

Joanne, Tony,
Nice work on this tune. Dark subject, but poetry is very strong. Opening line is very strong. Singed and produced at pro level.
Thank you for sharing!

Posted by: bluage

Re: Like a Woman Feels - 09/13/19 12:52 AM

Dear Ms. Cooper...

I find Mr. McGlinchy's lyrics to be blindingly, unavoidably, inarguably truthful, while being at the same time depressing because those truths seem to have not been universally recognized, appreciated, or reciprocated.

Based on my memories of my mother, my on-going relationships with my sisters, the women I interact with at my job, and the fleeting, yet unfailingly meaningful encounters I have with the women behind the cash registers, who answer the phones, who 'wait' on me in restaurants, who attend to me while I'm waiting on the doctor to arrive, and more, I have come to believe, to know, as surely as I know I am typing this, that women exist in a waking, active state-of-mind of loving kindness -- meaning that they seem always to respond to the needs of others before attending to their own -- every, single, second of every single day of their lives here on this planet Earth. The only exception to this, as far as I'm concerned, would be women whose hearts (and bodies) have been so abused, that their capacity to give and receive love has been effectively stamped-out, shut down, or locked away and the key hidden out of fear. These are the women who end up being called 'crazy b*****s', of course.

If that sounds patronizing, well, then, so be it. I know what I'm talking about.

You emote those lyrics with a clarity of voice that keeps its composure in spite of the sorrow, or anger, they could provoke. Is that the sound of hope, or of weary resignation to 'the way things are'?

- bluage -

Posted by: rayc

Re: Like a Woman Feels - 09/13/19 01:46 AM

VERY strong interpretation of strong, confronting lyrics.
you do this sort of thing so well.
The "band" supports the narrative very well.
Wonderful stuff.
Posted by: Scott C

Re: Like a Woman Feels - 09/13/19 07:02 AM

Wow what a stunning lyric. Does hit you right in the chest. Your vocal really did the lyrics justice. Well done.
Posted by: Robertkc

Re: Like a Woman Feels - 09/13/19 09:48 AM

Powerful unflinching lyrics ( particularly the verses) and a good driving folk rock band behind your excellent vocals.
Very fine. deeply felt song and performance.

Posted by: Birchwood

Re: Like a Woman Feels - 09/13/19 01:10 PM

Hi Joanne,

As I said on your Soundcloudsite; chilling story, but a stunning performance!
It's a hard indictment, feels like a bolder.
But... accompanied by a pedal steel. Very good.

Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: Like a Woman Feels - 09/13/19 05:42 PM

Some really nice music put to some really good lyrics!! You did a great job with the vocals! I think those real soft BGs could be a bit louder. Nice arrangement and mix! The rhythm really drives the story in a message song such as this. Great build in the arrangement! Wonderful job!! Take care. Greg
Posted by: dcuny

Re: Like a Woman Feels - 09/13/19 06:10 PM

Nice arrangement, and well sung! The instrumentation did a great job supporting the lyrics, as did your vocals.

The triplets in the melody against the marching snare were especially effective.

To be honest, any song that has the first three lines in a row starting with "How many..." immediately brings me fear of sounding even a little like "Blowing' in the Wind", which would scare me away from even thinking about arranging it. (Not that I'd come close to what you've done).

And of course, your arrangement sounds nothing like it. In my book, you've earned pile of extra kudos for that bravery as well. smile
Posted by: Ezekiel's Storm

Re: Like a Woman Feels - 09/14/19 05:13 PM

This is an exceptional set of lyrics. Your vocal carries the music and the depth of the words extraordinarily well.
Posted by: Crossroads

Re: Like a Woman Feels - 09/15/19 05:44 AM

Hello Joanne,

excellent lyrics perfectly interpretated by you and your wonderful voice.

The backing track fits the song like a glove, love the use of the pedal steel guitar.

Very impressive in all aspects.


Posted by: Noel96

Re: Like a Woman Feels - 09/17/19 12:23 PM

Hi Joanne,

I'm always a fan 12/8 time and I'm really enjoying listening to this at around 5:30 am.

I have to say that you've developed very admirable skills at taking the words of others and creating mighty fine works of music. I love what you've done here. The mix is super and your singing carries us, the listener, along on a very satisfying musical journey.

Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: Like a Woman Feels - 09/18/19 02:29 PM

Originally Posted By: Ezekiel's Storm
This is an exceptional set of lyrics. Your vocal carries the music and the depth of the words extraordinarily well.

There is very little to say other than what is in that one sentence.

We completely agree and only add that we thought the mix sounded excellent on our monitors.