"Celtic Piano Ballad"

Posted by: camog

"Celtic Piano Ballad" - 03/31/20 04:35 AM

BB 'Poised Celtic Ballad' style - my own chords, I added piano classical guitar mandolin & strings!


Posted by: furry

Re: "Celtic Piano Ballad" - 03/31/20 08:15 AM

2 words simply gorgeous
Posted by: camog

Re: "Celtic Piano Ballad" - 03/31/20 09:16 AM

Ah bless ya Graham - very pleased you like my tune, we do like a bit of 'celtic', don't we!!
I can't play accordion as well as you do - but one of these days I will add some bellows sounds!
Thank you for commenting, keep well. Best wishes, Carl
Posted by: camog

Re: "Celtic Piano Ballad" - 04/03/20 12:57 AM

"Celtic Piano Ballad" v 2 - I did a few minor repairs & fixes, then re-mixed and re-mastered the track:


Posted by: Crossroads

Re: "Celtic Piano Ballad" - 04/04/20 05:20 AM

Hello Camog,

very tasty and soothing - a really nice job and a good listen.

Stay well,

Posted by: camog

Re: "Celtic Piano Ballad" - 04/04/20 05:47 AM

Hi Stefan, many thanks for your nice comment - really glad you enjoyed my tune!!
Take care - all the best, Carl
Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: "Celtic Piano Ballad" - 04/04/20 04:32 PM

Another really pretty song!! What are you mixing/mastering with? Tracks sound great!! Take care. Greg
Posted by: MarioD

Re: "Celtic Piano Ballad" - 04/04/20 04:41 PM

Absolutely fantastic!
Posted by: RichardB1985

Re: "Celtic Piano Ballad" - 04/04/20 04:46 PM

This is beautiful, and exquisitely mixed. Thanks for sharing this.
Posted by: camog

Re: "Celtic Piano Ballad" - 04/05/20 12:25 AM

Hi Greg, thanks very much for commenting - glad you liked it.

For tracking & mixing I often use 2C Audio Precedence for positioning and their reverbs (Breeze etc), also Liquidsonics Illusion & Seventh Heaven Prof (and many others) - but mostly spaces rather than big long reverbs (muddy!) - Fabfilter Pro Q2 & Pro C2, I try to cut out low freq mud on all tracks so that when mixing & mastering I seem to get more 'clarity'! Also Soundtoys plugins which are great!!

For mastering I messed around with iZotope Ozone for a long time incl the latest v 9, but I just couldn't get it to do what I wanted - so fairly recently I switched to IK T-Racks 5 Max and got on much better! Still experimenting and learning - my current mastering chain is:

1. T-Racks 5 DYNA-MU (Acoustic Booster setting)
2. Fab Filter Pro Q3 (Clean)
3. T-Racks 5 QUAD LIMITER (Fast & Loud setting) - gently or you'll get artefacts!!
4. T-Racks 5 ROOM REVERB (Real Ambience setting - just a little for a 'sheen' finish)
5. iZotope Tonal Balance Control 2 (find that vital in order to also 'see' visually what your final frequency balance looks like) - all these 5 with a few minor tweaks to taste of course!

Hope this helps, have fun - cheers from the UK, Carl
Posted by: camog

Re: "Celtic Piano Ballad" - 04/05/20 12:27 AM

Hi Richard - thanks so much for your very nice comment, really pleased you liked it!!
All the very best - cheers from the UK, Carl
Posted by: camog

Re: "Celtic Piano Ballad" - 04/05/20 11:49 PM

Hi Mario, many thanks for your 'fantastic' comment - I'm really pleased you like my tune!

Cheers and all the very best from the UK, Carl