Old and Cranky

Posted by: John Douglas

Old and Cranky - 06/07/20 04:47 AM

Here is another one of my songs,using real tracks and midi played through cubase and midi triggering vst sounds. The guitars , steel and fiddle are real players! Drum sound is dw kit from EZ Drummer.
The song was inspired after my wife caught me shouting at the tv!!


If you don't know who Jimmy Buffet is you must live in a cave. #Fins up!
Posted by: Ezekiel's Storm

Re: Old and Cranky - 06/07/20 12:30 PM

Love the humor. I am already cranky and have let my image slide. eek

Excellent vocal! Mix sounds good to me.
Posted by: EdZ314

Re: Old and Cranky - 06/08/20 09:04 PM

Great song - super polished and professional. The humorous lyrics and the delivery are spot on, and fit the song perfectly. It sounds like those lyrics came pretty quick, you have a great sense of timing and phrasing.
Posted by: Scott C

Re: Old and Cranky - 06/09/20 08:16 AM

Now there is a song I can relate to. Cool lyric and vocal. Got some serious chuckles from the lyric. Well done
Posted by: rayc

Re: Old and Cranky - 06/10/20 05:14 PM

The mix is pretty good but the rhythm section is a little loud.
Excellent vocal.
I'm already old n, sometimes, cranky - but tracky dacks are for sleeping in for winter.
Posted by: Leon1

Re: Old and Cranky - 06/10/20 06:17 PM

Hi John.
Enjoyed the wry lyrics and your excellent vocal. I also listened to and enjoyed a few of your other tracks.
I'm hearing the influence of some of my other favourites in there, along with Jimmy Buffet (Dan Hicks, Bob Wills, etc). Nice work.
Posted by: MarioD

Re: Old and Cranky - 06/11/20 05:09 PM

This old and cranky phart, at least according to my kids, really liked this. Your mix is spot on. Your instrumentation is perfect, your vocal really strong, and your lyrics are perfect!

Loved it!
Posted by: Rustyspoon#

Re: Old and Cranky - 06/12/20 03:17 PM

Fun tune. From lyrics to mix, done very well. I agree with Ray on rhythm section, but it is not major and perhaps that is exactly how you imagined it. Listens easy. Thank you for sharing!

Posted by: VideoTrack

Re: Old and Cranky - 06/12/20 11:34 PM

Good fun stuff.

Great set of lyrics, wrapped in a perfect melody for the occasion.
Posted by: John Douglas

Re: Old and Cranky - 06/17/20 11:52 PM

Hi everyone thanks for your comments, you know, that query re rhythm section on reflection I am inclined to agree perhaps it is a little upfront. I am going to remix. Just a thought here , over here in the UK we refer to the rhythm sect as bass and drums , i take it that's what you are referring too??

best wishes to everyone