"Down The Monongahela River"

Posted by: Ghostgum

"Down The Monongahela River" - 06/20/20 01:25 AM

"Down The Monongahela River"

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BIAB Style:

WESTWLZ.STY Triple Time Western Waltz sw8

531:Bass, Acoustic, Pop Sw 065 (Reverb 0)
1108:Guitar, Acoustic Fingerpicking BluegrassWaltz Ev 140 (Reverb 40)
RealDrums=JazzBrushesWaltz (Reverb 30)
1107:Fiddle, Background BluegrassWaltz Ev 140 (Reverb 50)
1109:Guitar, Acoustic Stumming BluegrassWaltz Ev 140 (Reverb 35)
3278:Vocal Mmms, Rhythm RockNRoll Gospel12-8 4part Sw 065 (Reverb 50)
3128:Mandola, Background AmericanaFolk68Andy sw 060 (Reverb 45)

I replaced the original RealDrums (EthnicWaltz) with the Jazz equivalent.
I processed the fiddle track in Reaper DAW, adding Vocal Finalizer FX to give more body, depth, and resonance.
The original BIAB arrangement selected only the mandola for the last bar, but the resulting drop in volume and atmosphere seemed too sudden. Consequently, I added a few extra notes with various midi-generated sound-samples from Reason (Thoughtful Violin, Acoustic Bass Rig, Symphonic Strings).

I have noticed also that when you arrange BIAB solo instruments cutting in and out at different parts on the song, there is often an unwanted half-note or two at the beginning of the bar you don't want that instrument playing. I have yet to come to grips with note-by-note editing in BIAB so my current solution is to render the song "1 file per track" and edit those tracks individually in Audacity.

Other instruments: (Reason 11 sound samples)
Accordion, Banjo, Mandolin Ensemble, Piccolo.
via by Korg K61p midi keyboard.

Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: "Down The Monongahela River" - 06/23/20 11:06 AM

We enjoyed that. Creative and different. Fascinating how waltz, 12-8 and sw tracks worked so well together.
Thanks for the backstory on its creation.



PS: Similarly, our approach has been to regen 4-5 tracks of the same RT and bring them into Logic Pro X for comping into one track. Often it takes more. And on occasion we will use a pitch editor to change a note at the end of a fill or solo for a better segue into the vocal.
Posted by: Tano Music

Re: "Down The Monongahela River" - 06/23/20 01:53 PM

Enjoyed my trip "down the river". Very peaceful and well-done. Loved the mandolin, but overall liked all the instrument selections. I see what you did with the ending and I agree with that approach, it turned out just right.
Posted by: VideoTrack

Re: "Down The Monongahela River" - 06/23/20 02:25 PM

Very well produced and a great choice of both Instruments and Styles.

Certainly a lot to enjoy with the delivery of this song. Well done.
Posted by: Leon1

Re: "Down The Monongahela River" - 06/23/20 06:06 PM

Lovely atmospheric piece. Enjoyed my journey down the river.
Posted by: Tangmo

Re: "Down The Monongahela River" - 06/25/20 07:59 AM

If a river journey is at once both ripply and floaty, this really fits the mood with the smooth melody lines against the percussive guitars. I reckon the boat is that down-river bass line. Much enjoyed.
Posted by: Ghostgum

Re: "Down The Monongahela River" - 06/25/20 05:15 PM

Before I put a title to this piece, I asked my wife to listen to it and tell me what feelings it evoked. She said it felt like she was cruising down a river on a sunny day, enjoying the scenery along the way.
Posted by: BabuMusic

Re: "Down The Monongahela River" - 06/27/20 05:49 AM

Way to pilot the float, Ghostgum. A very enjoyable ride indeed.