Unknown Factors

Posted by: wrayer

Unknown Factors - 06/25/20 02:07 PM


I wrote this today just to experiment with a chord progression I created to see how it sounded. I used the RENDEVUE.STY with the tempo set to 85. It was sent as wave files to my Cakewalk DAW. I created the melodic line in Finale and transported the melody midi to Cakewalk and added it to the BiaB backup band. Use it for your quiet times.
Posted by: Rob4580

Re: Unknown Factors - 06/25/20 03:44 PM

Hi Wrayer. I would say that your experiment worked.
Think would go well as a movie score.
Well done. Rob4580
Posted by: wrayer

Re: Unknown Factors - 06/27/20 05:25 AM

Thanks Rob4580 for the comment. When they start making movies again, I'll think about it...;-)
Posted by: Tano Music

Re: Unknown Factors - 06/27/20 02:43 PM

Kudos to you for experimenting with chord progressions! I find that they don’t always work out, but often times you can get the most interesting results out of experimenting like this, as you clearly have.
Posted by: wrayer

Re: Unknown Factors - 06/29/20 08:16 PM

Thanks, it was a fun project.

I have gone even further and taken this BiaB project and orchestrated it for a live orchestra. If I could I would post it here for all to hear.

Best wishes and stay safe,
Posted by: PeterF

Re: Unknown Factors - 06/29/20 10:13 PM

Interesting chord progression and very soothing backing.

Nicely done.

Posted by: AudioTrack

Re: Unknown Factors - 06/30/20 05:06 AM

An interesting and eclectic choice of chord progressions.

Experimentation like this can often be rewarding.
Posted by: wrayer

Re: Unknown Factors - 07/01/20 06:29 AM

Thanks All! This was little piece was just my way of note taking for a complete orchestral version. Since the orchestral version's only connection to BiaB is the fact I used the BiaB study to give me an idea of how it would sound. The orchestral version uses no BiaB instrumentation, so I have not uploaded it to this board. I called the orchestral version: The Dream of Freedom.
Posted by: wrayer

Re: Unknown Factors - 07/05/20 05:58 AM

For those that would like to hear how I used my BiaB experiment called "Unknown Factors" to create an orchestral piece. You can go here to hear the orchestral development of Unknown Factors. I entitled the piece "The Dream of Freedom"

Posted by: MarioD

Re: Unknown Factors - 07/05/20 04:28 PM

William, I find that experimenting with chord progressions in BiaB one of the most important things I can do with BiaB.

I'd say your experimentation is a huge success! This song is perfect for a movie.

I liked this very much.
Posted by: wrayer

Re: Unknown Factors - 07/07/20 05:31 AM

Thank you Mario, it was a fun and rewarding project.