Let Go

Posted by: Rebecca King

Let Go - 06/27/20 10:50 AM

Hey there,

we really hope, everybody stays healthy and happy.

here is our latest work.

Feel free to give us your feedback, we really appreciate it.

Take care

Rebecca and Jochen


Key=Db , Tempo 115
Style is _CRUSHED.STY (Crushed Resonator Bluegrass)

RealDrums [in style:BrushesBoomChickEv16: a: Brushes Smoothb: Brushes Boom
RealTracks in style: 2421:Bass, Acoustic, RockabillySlapBoomChicka Ev16 100
RealTracks in style: ~525:Guitar, Acoustic, Strumming Ev 190
RealTracks in style: ~523:Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking Ev 190
RealTracks in style: 2645:Guitar, Resonator, Rhythm Folk8thsRandy Ev 085
RealTracks in song: ~~595:Fiddle, Rhythm Bluegrass Doc Ev 100 (Shuffles)
RealTracks in song: ~~618:Fiddle, Background Allis Ev 120
RealTracks in song: ~621:Pedal Steel, Background Easy Ev 136

Let Go

I´m rid of wondering what´s next.
I need to stop doubting my perception.
I need to start to live for my own sake.
I need to surrender to reality.

Would you please just disappoint my false hopes,
cause I really need to know.
Would you please just tell me the truth,
cause I really need to just let go…

I need to stop never ending stories.
I need to start giving me a break.
I´m rid of pressing fast forward or rewind.
I need to start to ease my heart.
Posted by: TuneMonger

Re: Let Go - 06/27/20 07:04 PM

Very good song, lot of energy, especially liked the singing on the final part.

Very pro sound.

Here and there, I felt the lyrics could use a little more attention to the prosody. But I often think that about songs I hear on the radio, even. So maybe you're fine.
Posted by: firesong

Re: Let Go - 06/27/20 08:35 PM

Rebecca...I love the tempo and pace of this and the harmonies are fantastic...the style fits your message to a tee...for what it's worth ( my opinion that is)this is great listen...you have new fan...Dan
Posted by: Deej56

Re: Let Go - 06/27/20 10:36 PM


I’ve really enjoyed listening to your tunes of late. Very fresh—radio friendly in today’s world but still different and unique, deserving of attention. This reminds me of many artists, but it’s none of them, just you. Lovely harmonies. From a production standpoint I think I would have liked the lead vocal to have a bit more thickness, and stand just a tad bit more up front. But that’s quibbling and ultimately artistic preference. Great offering—enjoyed it!

All my best,

Posted by: rayc

Re: Let Go - 06/27/20 10:49 PM

The bolting horse lyric delivery is exhausting for me to listen to because I wonder if you'd captured it with a new take per line or in a stream.
The effect gives urgency to the wish and that works really well.
I enjoyed it even as I wondered and worried.
I overthink - most folk would enjoy without self imposed complication.
Posted by: VideoTrack

Re: Let Go - 06/28/20 02:42 AM

To start, the vocals are outstanding.

The tempo is perfect.

The fiddle fills are magnificent.

Musically this is very rewarding.

You really have a sensational and skilled ability to produce amazing material. No exception here.
Posted by: EdZ314

Re: Let Go - 06/28/20 09:57 AM

An excellent song. Your songs are consistently top notch, and I always enjoy the upbeat energy and focus on the harmonies. Always a pleasure to listen to. Keep up the great work!
Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: Let Go - 07/01/20 05:37 PM

Cool song!! You've got a great style!! I would put a little delay or reverb on the vocals, or a little more. Enjoyed the tune!! Take care. Greg
Posted by: Birchwood

Re: Let Go - 07/02/20 04:11 AM

Hi Rebecca and Jochen,

I loved this song. Very energetic!
And I already told you (as comment in your other songs) how I liked the way you sing your lyrics.
It also lookes as if they are getting better all the time.

I agree however, with Deej about the volume/thickness. Not only from the vocals, but also the rest of the band. And I know that is also a matter of taste, so don't worry much.

Stay safe,
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: Let Go - 07/03/20 12:40 PM

Nice write and vocals!

The vocals are WAY too good to not be brought a bit forward
and enriched with some different eq, tape sat, reverb, delay, etc. Something to thicken them a bit and let them stand above the backing tracks.

Eventually you will find some settings that impart this and will
find that they will work on most of your productions. It took us
a while to get there. These comments in NO way diminish the
quality of the vocals. Only that when you "sit" vocals in a group of backing tracks it takes some effects to get them out front and yet "getting along" with all the tracks.

And putting that ramble aside, again, the write and vocals are really good!