I Have Been Made Whole

Posted by: Ronnie Fields

I Have Been Made Whole - 06/28/20 01:09 PM

Here's a different one to throw at you, a little bluegrass style..And all of the lead parts are BIAB!!


I Have Been Made Whole

I was walking down the road, my life so full of sin,
it seemed that every way I turned, I had no peace within
But a preacher told me of a man who gave his life for me,
and through his saving grace, there's victory.


Now I have been made whole, since Jesus saved my soul,
I feel his precious spirit over me.
I have no doubt that Jesus brought me out,
And I will live for him eternally.

So now I feel the presence of Jesus Christ my king,
I'll share the message if his grace, everywhere I sing.
He's given me a special gift, to write about his love,
and to sing about the heaven up above.

Repeat Chorus:
Posted by: Tano Music

Re: I Have Been Made Whole - 06/28/20 02:06 PM

Solid, in a classic way. I am a big fan of lyrics whose syllables match up to the melody, note-for-note, without any extra bits--which is exactly what you did here. Your message came through quite directly, and it is 'easy to sing'--that's important! Good use of the BIAB players and, overall, a listening experience I really enjoyed!
Posted by: Torrey Bliss

Re: I Have Been Made Whole - 06/28/20 05:00 PM

Very nice bluegrass/Gospel Ronnie! Great use of BIAB to make this tune happen! There's a ton of folks out there that will love this one! Thanks, Torrey
Posted by: floyd jane

Re: I Have Been Made Whole - 06/29/20 07:42 AM


This sounds good. Your best I think.

There is a little bit of distortion when all the voices are singing together. But overall the vocals sound good...

Nice job with BIAB tracks.

Well done.

Posted by: Ezekiel's Storm

Re: I Have Been Made Whole - 07/02/20 05:25 PM

Very catchy chorus. Love the instrumentation and upbeat tempo.

Of course, I love the message!
Posted by: Bawb

Re: I Have Been Made Whole - 07/03/20 01:34 PM

Hi Ronnie,

Another good old country church standard playing on AM granny's radio (may not really be one, but it definitely could have been one!)

Gotta love that sound, both lyrically and musically...