Isn't it?

Posted by: cubanpete

Isn't it? - 08/09/20 05:08 PM

Ok, changing the pace here a little bit. Here's kind of Smooth jazz I came up with a couple of days ago. Hope is of your liking.

Style is ZOPAS.STY (Zopas - Smooth Jazz)(Modified)
BassCustom Synth is Synth/Plugin Loaded
PianoCustom Synth is Synth/Plugin Loaded
GuitarCustom Synth is Synth/Plugin Loaded
StringsCustom Synth is Synth/Plugin Loaded
MelodyCustom Synth is Synth/Plugin Loaded
Style MIDI Instruments are : Slap Bass 1 (37), 6/4 EP Phase, GM2 Bank 4, 62/1 Brass Section 2 (octave mix), GM2 Bank 1, Synth Strings 1 (51),
RealDrums [in Song:FunkHalfNotePulse:

Mike B.
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: Isn't it? - 08/10/20 12:25 PM

Definitely different from anything we've heard from you.

And it is assuredly of our liking.

Excellent use of the synths and midi instruments.
The dynamics throughout are very effective.

Yet another fine composition and mix!

Posted by: musician17

Re: Isn't it? - 08/10/20 02:11 PM

Grabbed my attention from the very first note.

You, sir ... pound for pound, you are - in my view - one of the very best composers on here. Some of us have technique, some of us have great musicality - you and a few others have both to spare.

The track itself: sharp, crisp, succint and simply oozing professionalism. Absolutely adore it.

You are also incredibly consistent. I've listened to some of your other tracks ... superb job every time.

Hats off.
Posted by: Tano Music

Re: Isn't it? - 08/10/20 02:14 PM

I latched onto it right from the first E Piano chord! Liked those “stabs” from the brass section. Very nice!!
Posted by: cubanpete

Re: Isn't it? - 08/10/20 04:11 PM

Thanks J&B for the nice comments. Sometimes i like to step outside the box to see what happens.

Mike B.
Posted by: cubanpete

Re: Isn't it? - 08/10/20 04:13 PM

Thanks James, you're very kind on your comments. I'm glad you liked it.

Mike B.
Posted by: cubanpete

Re: Isn't it? - 08/10/20 04:15 PM

Thanks Tano for the time to listen and the kind words.


Mike B.
Posted by: Rustyspoon#

Re: Isn't it? - 08/10/20 04:36 PM

Cool arrangement. Fun synths, 70s/80s feel. Rolls very well, but I do feel some blend in mixing (Acoustic+Synth) would improve it. Common "master bus" FX? Very different from what I heard by you. Thank you for sharing.

Posted by: MarioD

Re: Isn't it? - 08/10/20 04:57 PM

You should step out of your box more often.

Everything about this is top shelf! Super job on those synth leads and brass stabs.

I really liked this one.
Posted by: Leon1

Re: Isn't it? - 08/11/20 07:02 PM

Hi Mike
Another fine composition, engaging throughout. Your creativity and musicality are so impressive.
Posted by: cubanpete

Re: Isn't it? - 08/14/20 05:53 PM

Thanks Misha, Mario and Leon for taking the time to listen and the nice comments.


Mike B.
Posted by: olemon

Re: Isn't it? - 08/15/20 01:31 PM

I like it! Has a real catchy groove and lots of interesting dynamics. It's spacious too and the tonal balance is sweet. Very enjoyable.

Posted by: cubanpete

Re: Isn't it? - 08/16/20 01:55 PM

Thanks Scott, I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the comments.

Mike B.