When I'm Alone

Posted by: Chris Dent

When I'm Alone - 08/20/20 11:08 PM

Here's a blues I wrote about the difference between being alone and being lonely.

I'm not sure how the mix works - any advice welcome....

I used the style 'Laid Back Blues'for bass, drums and rhythm guitar. Added vocals and lead guitar - Strat through Amplitube. Mixed in Logic.


Hope everyone is keeping well.
Posted by: Tangmo

Re: When I'm Alone - 08/21/20 05:13 PM

"It don't mean that I don't love you....just don't want to be with anyone else." GREAT line. I'm not sure even you know how multi-faceted that little jewel is.

Love your voice here. The band is solid and unobtrusive. Your clean-toned play is good and just gets better as this thing rolls along. Maybe a tad long, but I never felt bored. Beale Street ready.
Posted by: Derochette

Re: When I'm Alone - 08/22/20 01:42 AM

Hello Chris,

Superb voice. The arrangement is well done. I love the solo which stands out well without taking over the voice. It's a good song.

DEro13 alias JaniJackFlash
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: When I'm Alone - 08/22/20 11:53 AM

It's no secret we love the blues so this is right square in our wheelhouse.

Your vocal and Strat performances are as Gregg Allman would say "hittin' the note."

It's ALL in the pocket. And your voice and playing have that quality that is so important to us. SOUL.

Enjoyed it a lot,

Posted by: dcuny

Re: When I'm Alone - 08/22/20 01:17 PM

No mixing advice offered or needed.

Tasty blues, well done! laugh
Posted by: Ezekiel's Storm

Re: When I'm Alone - 08/22/20 04:10 PM

Oh yeah! Sweet singing. Sweet guitar.

Mix is clean and balanced.

I enjoyed this much.
Posted by: PeterF

Re: When I'm Alone - 08/22/20 04:31 PM

A nice blues - well sung, composed and played.

The mix was good.

Nice work.

Posted by: Robertkc

Re: When I'm Alone - 08/22/20 06:24 PM

A showcase for your guitar chops, tone and feel... in a well sung package with that cool lyric line Tangmo highlighted.
Great mix.

Posted by: mkg50 (Mike G)

Re: When I'm Alone - 08/22/20 08:12 PM

Hi Chris,
There's a lot of years of playing the blues wrapped up in this little number. It's a great song.
Your vocal performance is terrific and your guitar is as tasty as ever.
The mix and the "band" sound great - almost live.
Stay well,
Posted by: Chris Dent

Re: When I'm Alone - 08/22/20 08:31 PM

Thanks everyone for the comments. Tunemonger, Oleman, and MajicSpell commented on another of my tracks with some mixing tips and I have re-mixed this track as well to take some of the 'mud' out of the vocals and drums.

Tangmo: 'Maybe a tad long...'

ha ha, yes. I programmed an extra verse in the BB file by mistake and was then too lazy to take it out - easier to play another 12 bars of guitar...