What I'm Gonna Do ??

Posted by: Henry Clarke

What I'm Gonna Do ?? - 08/23/20 02:19 PM

RnB song with the Philly Soul style I like of strings, smooth flow, and background harmonies and unison. Written and composed by me and I do all the vocals. Love this "Delfonics" and "Moments" type of stuff.


Style - Pillowy.Sty - Dreamy Pop Ballad (slowed down to 75 BPM)
Bass - 700
Guitar 1 - 2617 (Wah Wah)
Drums - Southern Pop
Guitar 2 - 1762 Electric rhythm
Guitar 3 - 367 Background Dreamy
Strings - 2952 Jazz Ballad Pads
Organ - 688 B3 Background Pop

All vocals recorded on Tascam DP 32
Microphone: Shure PG-42
Mixed in Sonar Producer (Cakewalk)
Posted by: MusicStudent

Re: What I'm Gonna Do ?? - 08/23/20 03:19 PM

I wanted to be critical of the vocal mix, but I can't. It is way to good. This is definitely a keeper. Congrats.
Posted by: Henry Clarke

Re: What I'm Gonna Do ?? - 08/23/20 04:02 PM

Well thank you sir !! I take that as a compliment :-)
Posted by: Al-David

Re: What I'm Gonna Do ?? - 08/23/20 05:00 PM

Hello Henry ...

Due to my wife's significant disabilities and poor health, I don't get on the forum a lot these days. But when I saw you had posted a new one, I came right over to have a listen. I love your vocal styling and your arrangements. This is a super song with a lot of vocal dynamics and a lush mix. Everything is well-balanced and holds it's own space. The b/g vocals are stellar!

I hear almost as much DoWop as I do RnB/Soul. I understand that DoWop was the immediate predecessor of 60s and 70s RnB, but this particular song comes across to me as the musical era when contemporary music of the time had started to redefine DoWop and move it into the RnB arena. Thus, I see a melding of the two styles/genres here. For me, this song would have been a marvelous transition song of the time. And it's a wonderful trip back to that time. These 73 year-old ears aren't what they used to be, but this is how I heard your song. I gave it three successive listens!

BTW, I was a lead guitar player in several country bands for nearly 50 years and country all I ever played professionally. But I always had a deep appreciation and love for this style of music. I'd come home from a gig and put on an Al Jarreau, Platters, or Temptations, etc. album and just chill.

Although your voice is a bit softer and higher than his, your vocal styling reminds me a lot of Tony Williams, the late lead singer of The Platters. And the backing tracks, to my ear, are reminiscent of some of the The Five Satins later recordings. In my book, that's a pretty dang good combo!

A wonderful song you've crafted with a really "sweet" delivery. Thanks for a terrific listen! I guess I've rattled on enough. Wishing you the best and please be safe.

Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: What I'm Gonna Do ?? - 08/23/20 05:25 PM

Totally classic, and Totally classy!!!! Love this sound!! This is the 3rd track I've heard from you today, and all are excellent!!! Take care. Greg
Posted by: Henry Clarke

Re: What I'm Gonna Do ?? - 08/23/20 06:46 PM

Thanks Alan. I appreciate you taking the time out to listen. I too was a big doo [*****] fan and groups like the Platters had some of the best harmonies on the planet LOl .. I don't know "The Five Satins" so I'll have to check them out. I grew up on The Delfonics, The Spinners, The Manhattans, The Moments, and groups like that. They all had amazing vocals. I see you were a touring musician. I too spent some time in a few vocal groups by of course life got in the way (wife, children, BILLS, etc..) LOL However I have no regrets. I just enjoy the freedom today to write and do what I want to do. I'll never hae a hit and I'm okay with that. I'm just enjoying the ride. All the best to you and your wife !! Be Blessed. Henry
Posted by: Henry Clarke

Re: What I'm Gonna Do ?? - 08/23/20 06:47 PM

Thanks Greg !!