Above The Clouds

Posted by: Chris Dent

Above The Clouds - 09/08/20 11:11 PM

Hi, here's a new one from me.

I started with 'Float 1' midi style and downloaded the song demo for that style which is called 'Clouds' (hence the song title). I really liked the chord changes etc so just used 'Clouds' as it was without any edit.

Shifted all the midi files into Logic and chose different instruments* for each file. Used the real drum track as is. So, not much work to get the backing track down.

All I did then was set my trusty Stratocaster into cruise mode and flew over the 'Clouds' - ha ha. Tried to keep it minimalist to suit the style...

A bit of mixing and mastering and some very slight midi tweakage...

Hope you enjoy the flight...


(* If anyone is interested the instruments are: Ample Upright Bass, Ample Acoustic Guitar, Pianoteq piano, Sampleson Glassy EP, KV331 Synthmaster 2.9 . I am playing my Strat through Amplitube.)

Posted by: rayc

Re: Above The Clouds - 09/09/20 02:30 AM

Nice Strat tones.
The cymbals give a "live" sound to the recording.
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: Above The Clouds - 09/09/20 01:57 PM

A nice flight indeed!

Wish I had me a cruise mode like that for my guitar smile

We love the ambience of this ... very cinematic in feel but engaging
from the get go.

Excellent chops and tone!

Enjoyed it.

Posted by: Tano Music

Re: Above The Clouds - 09/10/20 08:02 AM

Good job of "using" what BIAB was serving up, then making it excellent!
Loved the kind of "free-form" synth/pad/string intro bars!
Your sparse guitar phrases were perfect for the style, along with the simple/basic bass.
Enjoyed it!
Posted by: Birchwood

Re: Above The Clouds - 09/10/20 08:16 AM

Hi Chris,

A nice song, with a melody that -to me- screams for a vocal in it. Beautiful sphere you created with it.
The mixing of the instruments you did very good. There was one tiny thing in the middle of the song when the high keys of the piano entered. A bit too loud. But immediatly after that it sounded ok again (or you played other keys afther that...).
It was nice and relaxing listening to this song.

Posted by: Rustyspoon#

Re: Above The Clouds - 09/11/20 04:42 AM

A very fun guitar improvisation. Nice playing! Peaceful tune + done very well. Very clear mix. Listens well. Thank you for sharing!

Posted by: Ezekiel's Storm

Re: Above The Clouds - 09/11/20 03:31 PM

Quite the beautiful sound. Very engaging, yet peaceful. Nice ride.
Posted by: Robertkc

Re: Above The Clouds - 09/11/20 04:07 PM

The title says it well- a very good soaring ride this, the gentle backing a good base for your lovely guitar flight.
Very enjoyable music!

Posted by: olemon

Re: Above The Clouds - 09/12/20 06:49 AM

Totally pleasing and tranquil.

Obviously you are a very skilled guitarist and have an ear for music production.

Take care.
Posted by: TuneMonger

Re: Above The Clouds - 09/12/20 05:30 PM

Really liked the way everything fit so well in this, so organic, not an awkward musical moment. Guitar playing was perfect for the context. Congratulations!
Posted by: Bawb

Re: Above The Clouds - 09/15/20 07:03 PM

Hi Chris,

This is a really soothing and well played track. It reminded me of the song "Sentimental Lady" written by Bob Welch. Wow, but in kind of a whisper...
Thanks for posting, I enjoyed it.
Posted by: Leon1

Re: Above The Clouds - 09/16/20 11:04 PM

Great tone and nicely played, Chris. Enjoyed the flight.
Posted by: CaptainMoto

Re: Above The Clouds - 09/23/20 09:10 AM

Lowering my blood pressure for sure.
Well done.
Posted by: stratos

Re: Above The Clouds - 05/02/21 04:52 AM

Hi Chris
Im overwhelmed by your creations on SoundCloud.
Is anything of this PG sound, or possible as midi vst in Realband?
Ample Upright Bass, Ample Acoustic Guitar, Pianoteq piano, Sampleson Glassy EP, KV331 Synthmaster

Is it presets or do you play it on piano?

Oh, sorry, I read your first post again where you explain so much wink
Now I compared the original with your new creation.
Way to go! Now I haw a path to workaround. Thanks for sharing ,Chris!

Posted by: BabuMusic

Re: Above The Clouds - 05/02/21 05:35 AM

Floating above these Clouds is such a peaceful feeling. What a wonderful "minimalistic" approach, Chris. Outstanding tone and taste.
Posted by: Guitarhacker

Re: Above The Clouds - 05/03/21 11:07 AM

Nice. Great playing on the guitar... and a good tone.

I've got a song with the same name. Also done with BB. On my website.... my Music... song #52
Posted by: MarioD

Re: Above The Clouds - 05/03/21 01:14 PM

Chris this is absolutely outstanding. Great chops man. Love that guitar tone. If I may ask what Amplitube amp and effects did you use?

You mix is spot on.

A very peaceful masterpiece.