Posted by: Tano Music

"Agnes" - 09/14/20 01:31 PM


Born a child of goodness.
Pure and humble girl;
Chose to live among the poor--
Agnes left the world.

Sent to teach Calcutta;
Safe within the walls;
Agnes saw another life--
Call within a call.

Not too far from those priviliged seats,
Just outside on city streets, 
The Master was calling!
So she donned blue to live anew--
That was the call, she knew.

Agnes came to hold them;
Agnes loved them all;
Agnes touched their hearts and souls;
Agnes lived the call.

Suffering and hurt were the ones she sought;
Outcast children, forgotten souls;
She called them "My brother!"
And they call her "mother"--
Mother Teresa in blue.

Born child of goodness,
Once a humble girl;
Gave her life to love the poor--
Agnes changed the world.
I don't have the style info, but it's just one of the basic bossa's.
I'm playing ePiano, and I created the little bass solo.
RT for Sax solo.
Posted by: dani48

Re: "Agnes" - 09/14/20 02:04 PM

Hi, Tano !

I take it you refer to
Mother Theresa whom we
all hold in high respect !
The tune seems to me as
a wonderful tribute for
that wonderful person !

...and a very good tune
really superbly performed
too !

Posted by: Will Josef

Re: "Agnes" - 09/14/20 03:42 PM

Very good melody and an overall very pleasing piece of music to listen to. Well done!

Posted by: Tano Music

Re: "Agnes" - 09/15/20 08:26 AM

Dani, Will..thanks for listening, glad you enjoyed it.
Posted by: EdZ314

Re: "Agnes" - 09/15/20 09:37 PM

I really like this piece. You've done a nice job of keeping it interesting by inserting solos and some changes. The melody is quite strong. If you wanted to expand on this a bit and build it up, it could be even better. Excellent lyrics.
Posted by: rayc

Re: "Agnes" - 09/16/20 02:18 AM

That's a nicely constructed piece.
Your melody is sweet.
The effects swallow the 1st syllable of the vocal in each new section.
If that's not intentional then you could probably mediate it a little.
Mother Theresa is, even now, a divisive and controversial character.
Posted by: furry

Re: "Agnes" - 09/16/20 03:31 AM

WHAT a lovely song, very thought provoking lyrics and enjoyable melody. Loved it !
Posted by: Rustyspoon#

Re: "Agnes" - 09/16/20 05:32 AM

Interesting piece! A bit different from many of your tunes as it seems you took more straight approach in melody, yet, definitely has your signature. Listens very well. Thank you for sharing.

Posted by: Tano Music

Re: "Agnes" - 09/16/20 07:58 AM

Ed, rayc, Graham, Misha....thanks for your feedback. I appreciate you listening in.
Posted by: Robertkc

Re: "Agnes" - 09/17/20 09:27 AM

The melody begins simply and has nicely jazzy changes which coincide with the stronger feelings in the lyrics for those sections.
I learnt something about an iconic figure from your song- using her little known Christian name drew me in.
Very creative songwriting and well sung too!

Posted by: Tano Music

Re: "Agnes" - 09/17/20 01:12 PM

Thanks Robert.
Posted by: olemon

Re: "Agnes" - 09/18/20 05:44 AM

I like the progression and the melody. The sax could use some reverb perhaps.

Nice job on the piano and vocals.
Posted by: BabuMusic

Re: "Agnes" - 09/18/20 08:17 AM

A beautiful tribute to one of Humankind's best treasures. Very well done, Tano. Thanks! I also like the bass solo.
Posted by: Tano Music

Re: "Agnes" - 09/18/20 09:31 AM

Oleman, Marty, thanks for listening. The idea I was going after was how the vision of a young girl could blossom into something that could impact millions. Thanks again for listening in.
Posted by: Derochette

Re: "Agnes" - 09/18/20 12:37 PM

Hello Tano Music,
Words reflecting the exceptional life of some people who are too few in this world. The song is tender and the orchestration pleasant. The sax and your voice maybe too far forward. But this is a personal opinion.

Good work

Kindly regard


Alias JaniJackFlash
Posted by: BlueAttitude

Re: "Agnes" - 09/18/20 03:12 PM

Lovely melody! And nice writing. Wonderful tribute!

Very well done, enjoyed!
Posted by: Al-David

Re: "Agnes" - 09/18/20 04:46 PM

Hi Tano ...

This is my favorite of all your songs I've had the privilege to hear. It's a strong message delivered with such gentleness and grace. Such a gorgeous song. My only comment would be to pout some reverb on the sax ... they always sound more expansive and robust when doing so. Even on gentle songs like this, it adds some depth to the over all sound during it's ride.

That was a special treat! Thank you for the listening pleasure. Take care and be safe ...

Posted by: Tano Music

Re: "Agnes" - 09/18/20 05:11 PM

Thanks Dero13, Dave, Alan...I appreciate your feedback, kind comments, and I'm going to take another look at effects on the instrument solo.
Posted by: AudioTrack

Re: "Agnes" - 09/19/20 04:09 AM

Incredibly clever and provocative lyrics. The feel you have delivered is absolutely perfect.

From a musical perspective, the space you have provided fits absolutely perfectly.

This is a clever piece of songwriting. Really clever.
Posted by: Tano Music

Re: "Agnes" - 09/19/20 08:23 AM

VideoTrack.. You are most kind in your comments.. Thank you so much!
Posted by: dcuny

Re: "Agnes" - 09/19/20 12:07 PM

Nice write!

The verses remind me of King of the World, but then, Countdown to Ecstasy has been playing in my car for the last few days.
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: "Agnes" - 09/20/20 01:37 PM

"Agnes came to hold them;
Agnes loved them all;
Agnes touched their hearts and souls;
Agnes lived the call."


A most lovely tribute and fascinatingly (and effectively) put to a bossa rhythm.

The write was excellent and touching and your performance on vocals
and instruments made for several wonderful listens.

Most enjoyable,

Posted by: Tano Music

Re: "Agnes" - 09/20/20 01:54 PM

David, J&B.. You are too kind with your comments! Thanks for listening to my little tribute.
Posted by: TuneMonger

Re: "Agnes" - 09/21/20 02:10 PM

Very creative song, well done! As rayc noted, a controversial subject matter. I enjoyed it, creativity is always the highest attribute in my book. One of your best, I think! (Maybe Waves Renaissance Vox would be a good plugin for you to try, it's simple to use and takes the place of several plugins. Sometimes it works for me. If you get it, try using just that one plugin without any others on your vocal track.)