Inviter Django (gypsy jazz)

Posted by: Chris37

Inviter Django (gypsy jazz) - 09/18/20 01:32 AM

Hi all,
Here's a french song about a young gypsy singer who's always travelling. Philippe Janin has written the lyrics and he sings.

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Posted by: Tano Music

Re: Inviter Django (gypsy jazz) - 09/18/20 09:54 AM

Big fan of Django here...which style did you use for this?
Can you provide a lyric translation? I'd love to understand the story.
BIAB has really good RT's for gypsy jazz, and you've used them well.
I've found that some of the solo RT's have great phrases, but they jump around alot and at times do not seem to "link" well with each other---but I'll bet that Django wouldn't have a problem with that!
Really enjoyed it!
Posted by: rayc

Re: Inviter Django (gypsy jazz) - 09/18/20 03:54 PM

Right on target.
Posted by: Al-David

Re: Inviter Django (gypsy jazz) - 09/18/20 04:25 PM

I'm a big Django fan ... love his style. You did a terrific job recreating that late 30s/early40s sound he was so noted for. Excellent!

Best to you. Be safe ...

Posted by: dcuny

Re: Inviter Django (gypsy jazz) - 09/19/20 12:22 PM

I can't speak to the lyrics, but I thought everything else was excellent.
Posted by: Deej56

Re: Inviter Django (gypsy jazz) - 09/19/20 10:44 PM


Terrific gypsy jazz tune. I’ve got a buddy who loves this kind of stuff—he’ll really enjoy hearing it. (The local theater by me does a gypsy jazz fest each year and my friend attends every minute of the three day event--he's a huge fan of the genre.)

Great work laying down the music. It sounds like I’m listening to a live band. Really well put together. And my, my: that accordion followed by the guitar solo. Excellent work!

Best regards,

Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: Inviter Django (gypsy jazz) - 09/20/20 01:23 PM

Great Gypsy Jazz. A friend of ours back in the day played outstanding fiddle Gypsy Jazz and we came to love the genre.
This is a great example of it. Those RT's worked extremely well.


Posted by: TuneMonger

Re: Inviter Django (gypsy jazz) - 09/20/20 07:42 PM

Loved it. Frenetic but musical and the lyrics are very good. (Google Translate) And well sung!
Posted by: Leon1

Re: Inviter Django (gypsy jazz) - 09/20/20 11:14 PM

Coincidentally, I was listening to a Django compilation earlier today. Enjoyed this a lot.
Posted by: PeterF

Re: Inviter Django (gypsy jazz) - 09/20/20 11:21 PM

Really nice - great sound, and composition.

Enjoyed the vocal and the song, which had excellent instrumental choices.

Posted by: Derochette

Re: Inviter Django (gypsy jazz) - 09/21/20 01:18 PM

Hello Chris37,

Composition very well done. Each instrument is in its place, with a well-written poetry. It's all good.

Kindly regard

alias JaniJackFlash
Posted by: CaptainMoto

Re: Inviter Django (gypsy jazz) - 09/23/20 12:08 PM

Getting my heart pumping with joy.