Mon âme

Posted by: Chris37

Mon âme - 09/25/20 01:35 AM

Hi all,
Here's a french folk rock song.
Joel Auge has written the lyrics and he sings.
The lyrics are not easy to translate because this is a poetic text.
It's about a man walking in the street. He's thinking about his life…

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Posted by: Tano Music

Re: Mon âme - 09/25/20 03:17 AM

Really liked the two-note motif that you used throughout, and how you also used a two-chord harmony. Very cool, gentle swing Liked your between-the-verse interludes with pan flute, etc. Really liked this one!
Posted by: Chris37

Re: Mon âme - 09/25/20 03:32 AM

Thanks Tom,
You've well noticed the two-chord harmony.
The major one : C / Gm7
and the minor one : Cm / D7
The passage from major to minor creates the atmosphere of this song.
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: Mon âme - 09/29/20 02:40 PM

"The passage from major to minor creates the atmosphere of this song."

And the atmosphere is great. We love it all.

Joel has a smooth, nuanced and soulful voice...outstanding.

The progression, the band and the mix are excellent.

Very enjoyable!!!

Posted by: Leon1

Re: Mon âme - 09/29/20 05:34 PM

Hi Chris
Really enjoyed this one. Great vocal by Joel and the instrumentation is spot on. Terrific work.
Posted by: Deej56

Re: Mon âme - 09/29/20 05:38 PM


Really enjoyed this tune. Very cool touch with the panflute—totally pops. Joel did a great job on the vocal; and it fits sweetly into the mix. Good tune!!

All my best to you,

Posted by: Chris37

Re: Mon âme - 10/01/20 02:52 AM

Thanks Janice, Bud, Leon and Deej for your kind comments. smile
Posted by: CaptainMoto

Re: Mon âme - 10/02/20 07:48 AM

An uplifting vibe.
Well done.