Lone Wolf

Posted by: chulaivet1966

Lone Wolf - 04/07/21 07:24 AM

Howdy all….

After listening to a few songs here (G/hacker & Dero comes to mind) I figured I should get off my duff and finish a new one.

I had another opportunity to employ Ken Lasaine's great guitar work. I do play the rhythm guitar (panned right) during the verses only. All other guitar work is Ken…stellar job, I might add. I haven’t written anything new in some months…this song writing stuff is not easy.

I wrote the lyrics complete in 24 hours and music/arrangement took about 2 days before mixing began.
This is very rare for me....I usually take several weeks. smile I think it’s ready for my peers ears…thanks to any that listen and hope you found it worthy of your time.

Have a great day.

I only used drums/bass from this style and I really liked the groove:
_BOGG70S.STY ElGuit,VintPno,Bass&Drums[120RS]
This Funky Triplets RealTracks style is made up of two separate styles of music. The piano bass & drums are MotownFunkyTriplets and the El.Guitar is CountryBoogie. (El.Bass, El.Piano, El.Guitar, Drums

(If anyone else should be inclined I highly recommend him….he’s very reasonable and easy to work with. If curious, he has also put guitar tracks on (4) of my other songs on soundclick: "Adrenaline", "I've Had A Good Life", "I'm Ready", "Roadman")

Title: Lone Wolf (Dm – 120bpm) Genre: hmmm….rasty, swamp rock?...I don’t know, listeners decide on that.

Verse 1:
I'm the Lone Wolf. Solo's my name. Mind my own business, I like it that way.
Like the Lone Wolf, I keep to myself. Don't want to trouble anyone for help.
The Lone Wolf finds a way to survive. The cold truth, he's not a afraid of a fight.
Verse 2:
Like the Lone Wolf, I don't care to mix. Trust in my senses, keep an eye on my six.
I'm the Lone Wolf, not easy to track. I walk alone and don't run with a pack.
The Lone Wolf watches with serious eyes. The cold truth, he's not afraid of a fight.
Break: Verse music (16 bars)
Bridge: Dm7 Em7 F G (3X) F (1 bar) G (1 bar) Dm (4 bars)
Verse 3:
Now I'm an old wolf. Weary an frayed. Reflecting on life and the choices I've made.
We take a direction, see where it leads. The path that I followed has been working for me.
But nothing came easy, didn't live like a king. If I could do it again I wouldn't change one thing.
The Lone Wolf finds a way to survive. The cold truth, he's not afraid of a fight
The Lone Wolf watches with serious eyes....
Bridge: Dm7 Em7 F G (3X) F (1 bar) G (1 bar) Dm (4 bars)
Vamp out & fade on Dm.

© Wayne Evans: lyrics & music. 3/28/21
Posted by: Rustyspoon#

Re: Lone Wolf - 04/07/21 10:34 AM

My new favorite of yours! Really well made.
Bass fits like a glove, fine vocals and awesome guitar chops / solo. Nice use of FX and excellent arrangement.

Ok, my 3 cents on mix. While bass is great, I feel it overtakes a lot of things that are happening at the same time (vocals + guitar). I would definitely consider raising vocals a little bit higher, and chorus seems to be buried/quieter than verses. I would up that too. Thank you for sharing.

Posted by: chulaivet1966

Re: Lone Wolf - 04/07/21 10:56 AM

Howdy Misha...

I struggled with both that you mentioned.
Although, I do like the deliberate spunk of the bass and don't mind it upped a bit on this one.
Harmonies can be tough and I can easily make them too loud.
I prefer them just under the lead vox mixwise but I could be off a skosh here.

I'll revisit later when I'm not hearing it in my head all day (and night) long.

Many thanks for giving a listen and kind comments.
Hope all is well with you/family.

Posted by: rayc

Re: Lone Wolf - 04/07/21 05:08 PM

Very Stevie Wonder on the bass line.
I don't mind its level...I'd bring the snare up to match it though.
LOTS of cool lead licks and solid rhythm guitar.
Nice one.
Posted by: chulaivet1966

Re: Lone Wolf - 04/08/21 11:11 AM

Originally Posted By: rayc
LOTS of cool lead licks and solid rhythm guitar.
Nice one.

G'day mate....

Thanks for giving it a spin and the kind words.
I enjoyed the write....this song writing stuff isn't easy, though. smile

I appreciate your comments....have a good one.
Posted by: Ezekiel's Storm

Re: Lone Wolf - 04/08/21 04:36 PM

This is one cool and groovin' track. Vocal is really good and has character, and that lead guitar is smoking.
Posted by: dcuny

Re: Lone Wolf - 04/08/21 07:55 PM

Nice groove - it got me into the song right away.

Excellent guitar work as well - the bridge had a touch of Steely Dan to it.

The vocal - especially on the chorus - seems a bit low. The lyrics do their job, but they're clearly not the star of this song.

The fade was a bit abrupt.

Really enjoyed this song! So much cool stuff to listen to! smile
Posted by: Deej56

Re: Lone Wolf - 04/08/21 08:13 PM


Great groove you have going on here . . . some good old swamp-like blues. Impressive guitar tracks—Ken did a great job. From a production standpoint, I’m good with the bass . . . I might like that vocal to come forward just a touch, but that’s a subjective thing. All in all, really cool tune!

All my best to you,

Posted by: chulaivet1966

Re: Lone Wolf - 04/09/21 06:05 AM

Good morning everyone...

Ezekiel's Storm....
I'm fortunate that he likes some of my songs well enough to spend the time tracking.
Absolutely, his leads are 'smokin'. smile

I struggled with chorus volume and I do appreciate your comments.
I realized yesterday that I can actually just 'replace' the song on soundclick.

Ha....most do say the vocal needs to come up on much of my material.
The lead vox seems quite up front on my monitors.
The harmonies (as dcuny points out) could use a db bump.

I'm taking all comments as genuine good advisement from my peers.
I'll take a short break from it now and revisit it.

Many thanks to all of you that took the time to listen and comment.
Have a great weekend everyone.
Posted by: Derochette

Re: Lone Wolf - 04/09/21 11:12 AM

Hi Chulaivet1966,

Very original intro, which allows us to listen for the rest of the composition. Very nice guitar solo and well done lyrics. Well done. I apprecied.

Kindly regard
alias JaniJackFlash
Posted by: Alexander Paul

Re: Lone Wolf - 04/09/21 02:44 PM

Nice build up and the guitar really keeps the song interesting! The lyrics fit the composition really well also.
Posted by: Noel96

Re: Lone Wolf - 04/10/21 06:53 PM

Hi Wayne,

I really, really enjoyed listening to this.

That introduction is first class! You grabbed me with it, then the bass piqued my interest further and when the groove kicked in, I was 100% committed to listening. Such a good arrangement/production strategy! In addition, Ken sure is a master guitarist and his playing acts to amplify the feeling of the groove very nicely.

To my ears, musical competence was everywhere as I listened.

This is definitely a song to be proud of. You've done a great job.

All the best,
Posted by: chulaivet1966

Re: Lone Wolf - 04/11/21 06:32 AM

Howdy forumites....

Thanks for stopping by, giving a listen your kind comments.

You too Alexander....much appreciate your time to listen and commenting.

I'm honored by your very generous comments.
I heard that BIAB groove and knew that was the bottom end style/groove I was looking for with this one.

I tend to write about many different subjects over the last 5 decades and the irony with with this one?.
I've been married for 31 years. smile

I expected this to be on page (4) by now so thanks again to all of you for giving it a spin and the quite favorable comments.

By the way....this song writing stuff is not easy. smile

Have a great day gents....

Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: Lone Wolf - 04/11/21 04:28 PM

Cool song!!! Love the rhythmic groove of it! Nice singing/playing!! Take care. Greg
Posted by: Chris Dent

Re: Lone Wolf - 04/11/21 06:19 PM

Great track. Love the lyrics, singing and the guitar chops.
The bass and drums are a really good choice for this number. I've made a note of the style for future reference!
Listened to some of your other tracks as well and am very impressed. Good stuff.
Posted by: chulaivet1966

Re: Lone Wolf - 04/12/21 12:20 PM

Howdy gents....

Greg Johnson....
Thank you sir for stopping by and commenting.
That BIAB bottom end kick/snare really worked for me.

Thanks you also for the kinds words.
Yeah....funny thing...it usually takes me a while going through several styles before I find exactly what I'm looking for.
Even then some massaging of some tracks may still be needed.
But...this kick/snare style was the first one on my "funk" style list.
A bit of serendipity for me. smile

Thanks gents and have a great day....
Posted by: TuneMonger

Re: Lone Wolf - 04/15/21 07:15 PM

Bass is very similar to Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder. Not a bad thing. Lead guitar was very good. Vocal good, too. Well done.
Posted by: chulaivet1966

Re: Lone Wolf - 04/16/21 07:26 AM

Originally Posted By: TuneMonger
Bass is very similar to Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder. Not a bad thing. Lead guitar was very good. Vocal good, too. Well done.

Yep...I think someone else may have mentioned that similarity too.
It never clicked with me when I chose that drums/bass style or when I was constructing the song itself.

Thank you very much for taking the time to give a listen and kind comments.
Ken has contributed to several of my songs over the last couple of years and I'm very pleased with his contributions and the end results.

Have a great weekend everyone....
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: Lone Wolf - 04/17/21 06:18 AM

Clever write and delivered with just the right touch of attitude.

Nice guitar...love the growling tone smile

Well done and an enjoyable listen!

Posted by: chulaivet1966

Re: Lone Wolf - 04/18/21 06:34 AM

Well howdy J&B....

Thanks very much for giving a listen and the kind words.
I was concerned about that sense of "attitude" you refer to and if I pull it off appropriately.

Vocals are always my performance challenge.

I appreciate your time in listening.
Yeah...his guitar tone reminded me of The Guess Who/American Woman.
It took me a few days to finally home in on that.

Have a great day all....