Posted by: Rustyspoon#

Running - 05/14/21 07:46 PM

Hi Folks.
Here is my May contribution to the Showcase. I had very limited time past few weeks for music things, so this is a bit raw. Had a nice conversation with Bud M., which made me rethink some mixing techniques, which I tried to apply here. (Thank you Bud!) Also, this was in a way interesting experience for me as I mixed in / used BIAB RD percussion and programmed some beats with Studio Drummer, which I never done before. Thank you for you listening. All comments are welcomed!



Drift is rattling portrait on a wall
Fire eating the wick of the candle
Cold night is falling to the ground-
Blinding stars of Ladle

Volatile line of sight
tribal dance of the shadows.
Flower's hunger for sun,
Love locked in a cellar.
Stones witness the time - longer than we can remember
Watching the rise and fall...
Of the next contenders.

Running, running..far away
from the scorched earth, from the phony saints
From the shackles and chains.

Who is that heavy fisted monster knocking on my door
Breathing heavy in my ear, wants to start a war
I am not afraid of you, I know how road will end
Your broken hourglass is losing precious sand

Running, running..far away
from the scorched earth, from the phony saints
From the shackles and chains.

Tech stuff:
2578:Bass, Synth, RetroPop Ev16 085
Loop Chillout\Chillout - chilly night_80_percussion_a_minor ev16.wav
Loop- lullaby_85_drum_loop_f_minor ev16.wav
3267:Cello, Background CelticAirFlowingNatalie Ev 085
Loop bumpyride_165_d drums ev16.wav
2364:Synth, ElectroFlutes, Rhythm Pop Ev 085
RealDrums NewOrleansMardiGras16ths^01-a: Snare Groove , b: 4 and Hat
Synths/ Drums of NI + Halion
Recorded in Cakewalk.
Posted by: BlueAttitude

Re: Running - 05/15/21 04:24 AM

Very cool, Misha, love the imagery! Wish I had a fraction of your skills and imagination with lyrics smile

I like the fade intro very effective.

Nice instrumentation, and mix sound good to me through the studio 'phones.

Listened a couple of times, enjoyed!
Posted by: chulaivet1966

Re: Running - 05/15/21 07:41 AM

Howdy Misha....

I like this one.

You definitely have a signature style and it's the kind of song that I would listen to again.
The lyrics have the imagery, your vocal deliverance is smooth with a hint of haunting. (which I like smile )
This is a good example of what BIAB can do.

Well done....have a great day.
Posted by: Derochette

Re: Running - 05/15/21 12:00 PM

Hi Rustyspoon#,

It is a very pretty composition that you deposited. I see that you have electro sounds and it goes very very well. I also enjoyed the lyrics. The whole is well mixed and pleases.

Kindly regard
alias JaniJackFlash
Posted by: floyd jane

Re: Running - 05/16/21 07:42 AM


Great opening! The combination of synth, percussion loop and cello is way cool.

The acoustic guitar sounds good (I'm guessing you programmed that?)

A cool lyric, as always (though I cannot say know what it is about - it IS obvious that there is a specific subject). Nonetheless, you put words together SO well!!

The vocal sound good - nicely processed.
I thought the clap/snap was a bit loud and overly high-EQ'd - and, therefore, competed with the vocal somewhat (in the higher frequencies).

A GREAT contemporary sound. Cool use of BIAB.



Posted by: CaptainMoto

Re: Running - 05/16/21 04:58 PM

That was very intriguing.

Your lyrics are always compelling and one is no exception.
You have a wonderful way with lyrical art.

I liked the mix but,............
There's something that sound like a click that to my ears popped out in a distractive way.

Overall.......very well done!

Posted by: jptjptjpt

Re: Running - 05/16/21 08:26 PM

Very cool song. I liked this The vocals and music are mixed perfectly. Great lyrics, especially:

"Stones witness the time - longer than we can remember"


Posted by: dcuny

Re: Running - 05/16/21 09:29 PM

Hi, Misha.

Your songs are always inventive and interesting to listen to. The arrangement and instrumentation is ear candy, and sounds great in my headphones.

Glad you were able to find some time in your busy life to finish this up! laugh
Posted by: rsdean

Re: Running - 05/17/21 07:36 AM


Your songs always have such a cool sense of mystery around them. Great vocal and mix.

This is excellent.

Posted by: bluage

Re: Running - 05/17/21 02:34 PM

Hello, 'Rustyspoon'...

I like how the cellos come in moaning under the bubbling synth arpeggio and the ethereal strings. Rhythmically speaking, the tom-heavy Real Drums and the funky percussion loop provides a nice contrast to the classical-sounding strings-and-flute Real Tracks writing that sound almost like Mellotron instruments. Also, I've noticed a quality in your voice that I find appealing, which is a feeling of intense, yet tremulous intimacy that makes your vocal track irresistible to listen to, as the warm memory of the voice of a dearly-missed ancestor would, which, of course, makes your mystical lyrics more entrancing to contemplate.
Posted by: PeterF

Re: Running - 05/17/21 03:22 PM


Superb song, wonderful production, so many clever elements complimenting your haunting vocal.

Interesting wordplay, and some very pretty melodic singing.

Really good.

Posted by: Steve Young

Re: Running - 05/17/21 05:15 PM

Hey, Misha!

This is really nice. Like Floyd said, great intro, and contemporary feel.

Your vocals are particularly strong and suited to this song. The lyrics are rich with imagery (no surprise there.) I think this is one of my favorites of yours.

Well done!

Posted by: rayc

Re: Running - 05/18/21 01:47 AM

"Running, running..far away
from the scorched earth, from the phony saints
From the shackles and chains. "
It's a prefect contrast to the rest of the song.
The intro was very grabbed my attention and held it waiting for developments.
Posted by: BabuMusic

Re: Running - 05/18/21 04:35 AM

Currently listening to my second spin --with more to come. So well done, Misha. Outstadning lyrics as always, and, as Floyd suggests, it really doesn't matter if we totally understand them. It's just really cool how youi put them together to create minsdscapes like:
"Who is that heavy fisted monster knocking on my door
Breathing heavy in my ear, wants to start a war
I am not afraid of you, I know how road will end
Your broken hourglass is losing precious sand"

ON my 3rd spin... Initially I felt the vocal should be more out front, but I am now a convert to your choice.
Posted by: Scott C

Re: Running - 05/18/21 08:19 AM

+1 on the ear candy comment from David. There is allot of cool stuff going on in the song.
Super vocal and lyric.
The percussion loop was very cool.

Boy you nailed the mix as well everything was so cool. Everything was separated and clear and well positioned in the soundscape. Kudos to Bud as well for his suggestions.

Well done Misha
Posted by: Robertkc

Re: Running - 05/18/21 02:26 PM

Very cool music, Misha!
Lyrics as head spinning and layered as I`d expect and such a good contrast with the quite pretty melody.
Your productions are very skillful and this is another big creative success ( I agree with others on the slight distraction of the click drum loop).
Would be interested to hear how the acoustic guitar was done.
One of your best!

Posted by: Rustyspoon#

Re: Running - 05/18/21 07:05 PM

Dave, Wayne, Derochette, FJ, Captain, jptjptjpt, David C, Bob, Bluage, Peter, Steve, Ray, Marty, Scott,

Thank you for giving this time, your kind comments and your support! It means a lot to me.

FJ, Big thank you for suggestion!
Captain, Thank you for pointing out "click" distraction.

I think the click/clap issue is the drum "kit" I used. It is tweakable, I should be able to correct this. I am kind of new at drum programming smile

Guitars are a mix of PG + NI Session series. NI session instruments have phrases and shots mapped as key switches., so you can do it on the fly, while "listening". This is how I did it. You can program it to trigger certain things at certain time too.
Posted by: AudioTrack

Re: Running - 05/18/21 09:23 PM

Interesting and evocative lyrics are encapsulated in a unique and almost haunting melodic framework.

An excellent musical production finishes everything quite nicely.
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: Running - 05/19/21 01:15 PM

Firstly Bud thanks you for the shoutout but we both feel your productions have been long excellent and this is no exception.

"Running, running..far away
from the scorched earth, from the phony saints
From the shackles and chains"

Janice commented that your use of the percussion gave her a feel of the crackling fire from the scorched earth. Very effective.

She further stated that your imagery is very strong and reminds her of a good sci-fi movie, e.g. Dune.

Bud agrees completely with her.

The whole package is well done and, man, your vocals ice the cake...really nice.

A great showcase of BiaB tracks on the user showcase!

Posted by: Ezekiel's Storm

Re: Running - 05/22/21 05:20 PM

I love this production, the way you arranged this tracks...all delightful and original to my ears.. You are in another league.
Posted by: vicarn

Re: Running - 05/23/21 08:56 AM

Hi Misha.
Always interesting and imaginative. Fine production too.

Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Re: Running - 05/23/21 05:40 PM

Interesting and innovative with totally captivating vocals. I've gone back for several listens so far. Enjoyed this a lot.
Posted by: David Snyder

Re: Running - 05/25/21 09:52 AM

Hey Misha,

Love these lyrics. Also, what an excellent sound and a great mix too.

Very different and very original. Love it.
Posted by: Rustyspoon#

Re: Running - 05/25/21 01:34 PM

Thank you for listening and your support!
Thank you for giving this time and your kind words and SC feedback!
I am still re-evaluating whole mixing process, so might bug you a little more later smile

Thank you for listening and generous feedback here and on SC!

Thank you for listening and your feedback.

Thank you for stopping by and your kind words!


Thank you for listening and your support!