A Life Without You

Posted by: Deej56

A Life Without You - 11/02/21 11:53 AM

Hi, all:

I hope everyone is doing well out there. Here’s my latest, though not the song I thought I’d next be posting. I try to record snippets of new songs on my iPhone so I don’t forget song ideas I come up with (melodies and the like). From time to time, I listen to them to see if any new inspiration comes my way. This song was one idea among the many.

During a bout of insomnia last week I was combing through those snippets at 2 a.m. and rediscovered this one. I recalled I had started writing lyrics and, to my surprise, when I opened up the file the lyrics were mostly what you see below—in other words, pretty much done. I think I became disenchanted with the tune for some reason (or got distracted with something else), put it aside, and then proceeded to totally forget about it.

Anyway, the BIAB version came together pretty quickly, and I’m happy enough with it to share. As always, feedback and suggestions on production are very welcome. I hope you enjoy it.

My very best to you all,


Here’s the song:


Here are the lyrics:

I can leave the morning paper on the table
Mix up all the staples in the pantry drawer
Keep the bed unmade
My face unshaved and howl
Leave dirty clothes and towels
On the bathroom floor

And, yeah, I know there’s no end
To all the things that I can do
But I’m just not ready for
A life without you

I could change up all the hours that I’ve been keeping
Stay up late and sleep in ‘till half past noon
And then hang out with my boys
at “The Ivory Tower”
Hit every happy hour
And close the bar at two

And I’m sure there’d be some girl
Who could make me feel less blue
But I’m just not ready for
A life without you

I could cruise the town in style
With my slickly painted smile
And learn to laugh like
Broken people do
But the saddest thing of all
Is no matter how far I fall
I’m still thinking there’s a chance
For me and you

So I’ll water all your plants and feed the fishes
Clean all the dirty dishes and dust up too
And I’ll walk our trail
Without fail each Sunday
Hoping, girl, that one day
you’ll be walking too

And, yeah I know to let it go
Just move on to something new
But I’m just not ready for
A life without you

And here’s the band:

RealTracks 1036: Bass, Electric, NorthernRockBallad
RealTracks 1038: Guitar, High-Strung Acoustic, Rhythm NorthernRockBallad
RealTracks 3184: Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm GrungeSlowQuinn
RealTracks 1767: Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm Pop16
RealTracks 688: Organ, B3, Background Pop
RealTracks 3321: Guitar, Acoustic, Soloist RnBPopDblBrent
RealDrums: Rock8ths^02-a:ClosedHat, Snare, b:Ride, Snare
Posted by: PROJECT M

Re: A Life Without You - 11/02/21 01:25 PM

Hello Deej
What a great song
Really fantastic sung
I like it extraordinarily well
Many greetings
Andi ;-)
Posted by: Ghostgum

Re: A Life Without You - 11/02/21 03:05 PM

Great song, well-mixed, and a performance worthy of a golden buzzer. Well done smile
Posted by: musician17

Re: A Life Without You - 11/02/21 03:47 PM

This is a true return to the Deej of old ... the one who wrote "Prayer To The World", "If You Stay", "I've Got The Moon" and so, so many more. This is on a par with your very best songs, my friend. You're back with a vengeance - I can only say: bravo, bravo, bravo. It's an honour (for real) to listen to you, especially in this kind of form.

The song just flows. So natural, so beautiful - I'm not going to even start picking at it, by way of "analysis". The lyrics are inspired, the melody ... wow ... the singing is so relaxed, never forced, with your trademark unique voice that we'd all recognise for miles, once heard.

You are (I will say it) the best songwriter, by a country mile, that I know. You bring different kinds of songs to the table, too ... I never know what you will write next. And this - this is, again, Deej at his best. BRAVO.
Posted by: CaptainMoto

Re: A Life Without You - 11/02/21 05:08 PM

Another great write, well performed.
As always your vocal shines as the star of this song.

I have only one critique:
-The effects treatment sounds like the various parts are in different rooms.

All in all, a nice piece of work.

Posted by: rayc

Re: A Life Without You - 11/03/21 02:51 AM

Lovely vocal.
That 2nd vocal on the right after 1.14 is cool but it gets out of time a little in spots which can be a good thing but I'm
There's a ping from the tambourine, (?,) at 1.36 that could do with a little reduction - just not quite on the beat and a little loud.

Other than those very tiny nots this is a lovely musically up sad story.
Posted by: rsdean

Re: A Life Without You - 11/03/21 03:17 AM


This is an absolutely fantastic song. So well performed and mixed. Loved it!

A real treasure...

Posted by: floyd jane

Re: A Life Without You - 11/03/21 07:19 AM


A solid write. Good backing. Well mixed. Nice vocals.

Enjoyed the listen.

Posted by: Torrey Bliss

Re: A Life Without You - 11/03/21 08:09 AM


It's funny how those ideas we had forgotten about have a way of coming back to us, especially during a dry writing spell! Those little recorded snippets are like gold during those times.

Excellent tune with your always spot on vocals! Love the "Jim Croce" style melody/lyrics/chord structure going on!

Thanks, Torrey
Posted by: jannesan

Re: A Life Without You - 11/03/21 10:39 AM

Great lyrics, nice mundane feeling with dirty clothes and feeding fishes combined with relationship burden. Very nice melody and enjoyable chord progression. Passionate vocal delivery is excellent. The band works, the nice bassline could be more present, but maybe the problem is with my headphones.

Posted by: firesong

Re: A Life Without You - 11/03/21 11:27 AM

Deej...this is a brilliant piece of work...doesn't really matter how we get them or when they show up, it's just really cool when we capture them without them getting away...right? loved the marriage of lyric and style...vocals were top-notch...sort of a downer thought (boy loves girl; boy loses girl; boy decides to do the dishes after the girl is gone) but with a light and hopeful tempo and approach...this is a great write...thanks for letting us hear it...Dan
Posted by: TuneMonger

Re: A Life Without You - 11/03/21 01:42 PM

Good song, superbly sung. It's time, I think, to make a Spotify album if you haven't already. You're that good!
Posted by: BabuMusic

Re: A Life Without You - 11/04/21 05:30 AM

Man, if you got any more of those great ideas, please put them out there for us before you throw them away. What a treasure you rediscovered in this one, Deej. Such an engaging listen.
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: A Life Without You - 11/04/21 01:51 PM

"So I’ll water all your plants and feed the fishes
Clean all the dirty dishes and dust up too
And I’ll walk our trail
Without fail each Sunday
Hoping, girl, that one day
you’ll be walking too"


That is a great lyric and melody.

The combo vocally of lead, harmony and unison also works well.

Sorry about the insomnia but we are glad you rediscovered it.
If only my insomnia would yield such results smile

Well done.

Posted by: Guitarhacker

Re: A Life Without You - 11/04/21 02:11 PM

That's so good. Nicely done.
Posted by: PeterF

Re: A Life Without You - 11/04/21 04:07 PM


Lovely melody and overall a very engaging song.

Great vocal and production.


Posted by: justanoldmuso

Re: A Life Without You - 11/04/21 04:16 PM

really like your 'character'vocals.
nice vocal doubles. and lyrics.

if i might suggest, and maybe others might disagree ...
the thin geetar on one side of the stereo image...
possibly experiment with a different clean gtr sound possibly. still clean and understated but just a bit
different in tonal colour.

well done.
Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: A Life Without You - 11/04/21 04:55 PM

A very cool song!!! Love the idea behind this one.....very clever and interesting angle!! Always love your vocals!! Take care. Greg
Posted by: vicarn

Re: A Life Without You - 11/05/21 02:47 PM

Smashing lyrics Deej.

My only sugg is to lose the gap before the second verse or fill it with something.

Posted by: Deej56

Re: A Life Without You - 11/06/21 11:20 AM

Project M, Ghostgum, musician17, moto, rayc, Bob, Floyd, Torrey, Janne, firesong, TuneMonger, Marty, J&B, Gutarhacker, Peter, om, Greg and Vic:

Thanks all for the listen and all the feedback. Really appreciate your taking the time to comment, and glad the song resonated well-enough. A few thoughts on some of the input:

Captainmoto: I’ll have to go back in and take another listen with your thought in mind—I don’t think anything’s misaligned, but lord knows I’ve overlooked many elements before, so I’ll check the settings on the various tracks and make sure there aligned. Beyond that, maybe just a volume thing, as I have a few of the guitars low and wide. Thanks for the food for thought.

rayc: God bless those ears of yours! I’ll jump back in and see if I can address them—no tambourine in this one—perhaps the nylon guitar or a stray hi-hat from the percussion? Dunno. But thanks for pointing it out.

Janne: I think I have a tendency to downplay the bass—easy enough to make it more prominent here.

TuneMonger: Well, I did put out a collection of tunes (I can’t quite bring myself to say “album”) earlier this year on Spotify and the other steaming services (via Distrokid), and have added a couple of singles. All stuff I’ve posted here, with some tunes still not as polished as I would have liked from a production standpoint. Hoping to put another collection out late this year though more likely early next, which hopefully will be a little more consistent in quality of production. We’ll see. But thanks much for the kind words and encouragement.

om: I auditioned a fair number of guitars for this tune, and for better or worse it’s where I ended up sound wise. But I get you, and when I dive back into this one, I’ll try a few more out. Thanks.

Vic: You nailed the one aspect of the song I struggled with most, and I was wondering if anyone would comment on it. I wavered between deleting one bar before the second verse, adding the nylon acoustic lead, or doing nothing. I thought the first option sounded too rushed as I moved from the chorus to the second verse (though when I play it live that’s exactly what I do), and I couldn’t get a good enough riff from the acoustic to fill it (though I will redouble my efforts on that). So I went with the third option. I think you are right though and I’ll have to address it. Thanks.

My best to you all:

Posted by: Ezekiel's Storm

Re: A Life Without You - 11/06/21 05:19 PM

Two things stand out the most: Fantastic melody and clever lyrics with inventive sound play of the words.

Singing, of course, is good and expressive.
Posted by: Scott C

Re: A Life Without You - 11/07/21 06:09 PM

Very cool lyric. This is an excellent song. Super backtrack. Well done. Love your vocals.....
Posted by: Deej56

Re: A Life Without You - 11/09/21 04:49 PM

Ezekiel and Scott,

Thanks much for stopping in for a listen. Really appreciate the kind feedback.

Stay safe, stay well!

Posted by: Rustyspoon#

Re: A Life Without You - 11/09/21 06:55 PM

Excellent write, performance and production! Great vocals.
Enjoyed it! Thank you for sharing.

P.S. So true, sometimes the most "random" sketches turn into very interesting ventures.

Posted by: dcuny

Re: A Life Without You - 11/10/21 12:07 AM

Love it! laugh

The "list of stuff I could do" hooked me into the song, with a nice payoff on the chorus.

The lyrics kept a conversational style, and the melody was solid.

Good emotional build to the story, and solid backing tracks and lead.
Posted by: Leon1

Re: A Life Without You - 11/11/21 04:19 PM

Great lyrics, Deej. Lovely melody and your vocal (as always) is first class. Glad you didn't let this one get away.
Posted by: Deej56

Re: A Life Without You - 11/11/21 10:01 PM

Misha, David, and Leon:

Thanks so much for stopping in! Glad you all seemed to like the tune.

I wish you each good health and happiness.