Tango Nuevo

Posted by: Antoon

Tango Nuevo - 10/10/09 03:56 AM

Hello to Everybody,

I am looking for one or more TANGO styles, however not the funny ballroom version that came
with BIAB so far, but styles that fit Piazzolla's tangos (aka Tango Nuevo).
The name of the piece is VERANO PORTEƑO. It has a fast (120) and a slow (70) movement.
So it should be authentic Argentine, killing serious, with bandoneon and pizzicato strings and not
just 4 downbeats, but stylish syncopated.
The best thing that I found on the net was a Bolero style, but Bolero is not yet a Tango.

Who knows a 'third party' that could provide this ?
I can provide info, or even send a rumba version that I use to practise with.
I have more serious requests for Latin styles (Joropo and Milonga).

Please help,
friendly greetings,
Antoon Janssen
Posted by: ela142-1928

Re: Tango Nuevo - 02/18/19 07:52 AM


I am also looking for more Tango styles. Styles which fit to Piazzolla pieces. I play bandoneon.
Does anyone have an idea?
Posted by: Masi

Re: Tango Nuevo - 12/27/19 09:15 AM

No, but I'd appreciate if BB would have styles for classic tango and tango nuevo. And since Piazzola has invented the genre there are many artists that still do tango jazz.

Posted by: cwiggins999

Re: Tango Nuevo - 05/16/20 02:08 AM