Flamenco Style

Posted by: Island Soul

Flamenco Style - 05/26/19 05:03 PM

My favorite style now is flamenco. I would love to have hand claps, cajon, and rhythm guitar to help back me up when I play lead. I would also like to have the foot stomp as well.
Posted by: balbuena

Re: Flamenco Style - 05/27/19 12:49 AM

And some cumbia rhythms on the guitar, please.
Posted by: furry

Re: Flamenco Style - 05/30/19 04:50 AM

big plus 1
Posted by: Pipeline

Re: Flamenco Style - 05/30/19 05:06 PM

Home Made Flamenco Realtracks

there is one here https://www.realband.org/usertracks.html
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Re: Flamenco Style - 06/07/19 08:45 AM