forte dxi puzzle

Posted by: Bob Calver

forte dxi puzzle - 11/17/20 05:36 AM

tried to select the forte dxi to see if one midi instrument sounded better but was told my demo version had expired. that was odd because i paid for a licence ages ago and its still the same pc without any changes. nag screen said to enter number. couldn't find my licence number so emailed PG music and very quickly got my number (thanks Simon great service!)

so then tried to enter the number. got the nag screen but all that did when i pressed 'have a number? enter it now' or something similar it took me to the pg site and instructions that didn't seem to match what i was seeing on screen - maybe that works for first time installations.

opened the forte dxi program folder and still no obvious way to enter the number. tried loading forte again to see if the authorization screen came up and forte opened no problem without me entering any number.

why did it insist on a number in the first place and why did it then open without a number after i opened the program folder and did nothing?

again i'm just curious not complaining
Posted by: MusicStudent

Re: forte dxi puzzle - 11/17/20 05:51 AM

Can't give you a definitive answer, but being a very long time user of Coyote Forte Dxi I can tell you this behavior regarding dropping the authorization number is nothing new. I used to keep a copy of it on my desktop to enter when needed.

But all this nonsense stopped when BIAB 64bit came along and the Coyote Forte Dxi was no longer compatible. So I moved on to other sounds. Are you using the 32bit version or an older version of BIAB?

Posted by: the_blooze

Re: forte dxi puzzle - 11/17/20 07:27 AM

Same problem here for a couple of years. It still works though, just ignore the number request
Posted by: jford

Re: forte dxi puzzle - 11/17/20 11:10 AM

I would run BIAB "as administrator" and then enter your number. That ensures that the authorization properly gets written to the registry. And as already stated, it only works with 32-bit hosts. If you have trouble authorizing it in BIAB, you could try it in RealBand instead.
Posted by: insolentlad

Re: forte dxi puzzle - 11/22/20 02:22 AM

I had no problem reauthorizing but every couple weeks I'd have to go through the process again. I finally gave up on using it.