Hardware mixer control?

Posted by: Rustywp

Hardware mixer control? - 08/26/10 08:15 AM

Didn't PG Music used to sell a hardware mixer for using Pwer Tracks or BIAB? Something similar to the 003 Factory board for Pro Tools? I don't see anything like that listed any more. Any reccomendations?
Posted by: silvertones

Re: Hardware mixer control? - 10/09/10 03:16 PM

It was called the Tranzport.
Ebay at this point I believe.
Posted by: rockstar_not

Re: Hardware mixer control? - 11/17/12 12:26 AM

For the future, what you should be asking for is for PG products to integrate Mackie Control protocol - which has become a sort of pseudo-standard for how to use control surfaces to control DAW software.