PowerTracks for Mac

Posted by: jkjmn

PowerTracks for Mac - 07/31/12 10:58 AM

Any chance we will see PowerTracks become available for Mac? Or the features included in BIAB Mac?
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Re: PowerTracks for Mac - 07/28/17 06:12 PM

Question bump - PowerTracks for Mac????????????????????????????
Posted by: jford

Re: PowerTracks for Mac - 07/29/17 01:49 AM

It's been requested (likewise for RealBand) for many years. While it could happen, I wouldn't hold my breath.
Posted by: Pipeline

Re: PowerTracks for Mac - 07/30/17 02:20 AM

Here's a Mac app creation guide using WineBottle http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/ :

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Re: PowerTracks for Mac - 08/01/17 01:42 AM


In WineBottle give the Identifier a name like com.pg.powertracks as it goes
in User/Application Support/com.pg.powertracks.

To get your BB track into PowerTracks Export then then give the a simple name like Drums, Fiddle etc..

You can save files to User/Application Support/com.pg.powertracks/drive_c/pt/songs, as PowerTracks will open in the pt folder.

1. Save your BB song again as song-powertracks.SGU then after save rename to MGU.

2. PowerTracks File > Open song-powertracks.MGU (this will give your chords).

3. Now select the first track > File > Import > Bass.WAV, next track Drums.WAV etc..

4. You can Import the RealCharts Midi as well, in RealTrack Prefs check Save RealCharts in Midi file/BB Song MGU

5. File > Save Special > Midi > File on Disk.

6. PowerTracks File > Import song-powertracks.MID ** Don't import Chord from the Midi file !!!

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Re: PowerTracks for Mac - 08/01/17 06:48 AM

I don't have a Mac, but am curious. After setting up WineBottler to use PowerTracks, what are the limitation? Effects, virtual instruments, etc. Do you just copy over your VST/VSTi files, or to Mac effects/instruments get virtualized for the PowerTracks environment? Just an "enquiring minds want to know" question.
Posted by: Pipeline

Re: PowerTracks for Mac - 08/01/17 10:01 AM

You can put the Win VST/VSTi's in a folder in User/Application Support/com.pg.powertracks/drive_c/ then add to PowerTracks.
You can get in the Mac side of things with your Win PC if you don't have an (expensive) Mac @ https://www.tonymacx86.com/ as the Macs use the Intel Windows hardware now (that Windows users developed smile ).
Posted by: jford

Re: PowerTracks for Mac - 08/01/17 11:13 AM

That's very cool, Pipeline. Thanks!

I'll pass that along to my son, who uses a Mac, as this may interest him.
Posted by: Island Soul

Re: PowerTracks for Mac - 08/18/17 08:21 AM

I tried it an d it never worked.
Posted by: Pipeline

Re: PowerTracks for Mac - 08/18/17 10:16 AM

Watch Video https://www.dropbox.com/s/dpwggz4h8ndwaeq/PT-Mac.mp4?dl=0

See also http://wineskin.urgesoftware.com/tiki-index.php

Guide http://www.mediachance.com/dap/daponmac.pdf