was drivers please

Posted by: Bob Calver

was drivers please - 01/24/18 03:01 AM

My behringer audio interface has it's own asio drivers that work fine but when i plug my midi keyboard into the usb port i have to use the creative asio drivers which are a bit unreliable.
wsa drivers would give me low latency and reliable drivers without having to power up and plug in other hardware
Posted by: Jim Fogle

Re: was drivers please - 01/24/18 03:27 PM


Ulterior motive for supporting this wishlist request. I looked at 2018 RealBand audio drivers and WAS drivers are not supported in RealBand either so I'm hoping when PowerTracks Pro gains WAS driver support RealBand will also. grin
Posted by: Garth Bird

Re: was drivers please - 01/26/18 11:01 PM

Windows Audio System drivers are indeed now in RealBand 2018.
I have moved to RB from PTW after installing a midi controller keyboard.

Posted by: Jim Fogle

Re: was drivers please - 01/28/18 12:31 PM

Garth Bird,

Interesting. I'm using 2018 build 4 RealBand and mine does not offer the WAS audio option even though Band-in-a-Box does.

Could PG Music released more than one build 4? YES THEY DID!

I downloaded and installed the patch and the (hidden) release number incremented from 0 to 1.
Posted by: rharv

Re: was drivers please - 02/16/18 08:32 PM

As for the original wish -

Posted by: Jim Fogle

2018 Feature List & Question - 02/17/18 08:59 AM

Another place to look at the 2018 PowerTracks Pro feature list is +++ HERE +++ !

Question: Can anyone expand on this feature?
Drag and drop from the drop station to VSTi plugins that support this is now implemented.
Posted by: Kent - PG Music

Re: 2018 Feature List & Question - 03/02/18 04:27 PM

Hi Jim,

Some VST plugins can have audio or MIDI dragged and dropped into their control panels, and the Drop Station now allows you to drag and drop into these plugins, rather than just into other applications.

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