Enter Chords into the Chord Sheet with a Keyboard Tool Win

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Enter Chords into the Chord Sheet with a Keyboard Tool Win - 01/01/20 02:21 PM

If you don't have AutoHotKey install it https://www.autohotkey.com/

Remove .mp4 Biab-Actions-Metronome-Record-Chords2.zip.mp4
and unzip it then run it
enter the initial chord on your keyboard that you have set as midi input device
set Biab to the bar where you want to start recording the chords
click "Record Chords"
it will record up to 2 chords per bar.

Let me know if it works okay or the timing needs adjusting as I don't have a keyboard at the moment.
It should still also work with menu > Window > MIDI Chord Detection
open if you want it there.
It uses the system audio so you may need to release the ASIO driver in the Driver Setting.
This will also work with chord pads, if they are a VST or standalone you can use LoopMIDI, set the Pad or DAW Midi Output to LoopMIDI and set Biab to Input from LoopMIDI.
You can use SAVIHost to run a vst as standalone, just rename savihost.exe to the same name as the dll chordspace.exe and set the midi out to LoopMIDI.
To enter with one finger on your keyboard use
Insert Piz Midi VSTs Google Code Archive
set your DAW or SAVIHost with the one finger chord plugin Midi Input to your keyboard, set the Midi Out to LoopMidi, set Biab Midi input to LoopMidi.
A chord is inserted at every bar and half bar, this is easy then to record over a section with a new progression.:

Posted by: Pipeline

Re: Enter Chords into the Chord Sheet with a Midi Keyboard - Tool Win - 05/22/20 06:01 PM

If you are running Biab as Administrator you will need to run the autohotkey script or exe as Administrator, to run the script as admin go to the AutoHotKey install folder and set AutoHotKey.exe to run as admin.