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Posted by: Pipeline

ReaTracks Artist Chris Nole UserTracks - 09/02/20 01:01 PM

From here: Whatever happened to Hammond B3 Soloist?

I got onto ReaTracks Artist Chris Nole and suggested creating some UserTracks that could be purchased from his website.
There could maybe be a short free UserTrack for each instrument as a demo, then ones with a lot more material for purchase.
He would like to offer up tracks, styles, keyboard instruments that people are needing/wanting.
You can find examples here
So any suggestions would be much appreciated.
If you could suggest Biab Styles/Sw Ev/Tempos for the keys listed below including B3.

Specializing in piano, organ, electric piano, strings, and synth overdubs for Singer-Songwriter, Country, Blues, Pop, Rock, Gospel,
R&B-Soul, Americana, and New Age genres.
Posted by: Jim Fogle

Re: ReaTracks Artist Chris Nole UserTracks - 09/03/20 09:43 AM

Pipeline, That is a super great idea.

This should help prove the viability of third party UserTracks or Artist Performance tracks. I hope Chris gains a lot of business from your idea.
Posted by: Rustyspoon#

Re: ReaTracks Artist Chris Nole UserTracks - 09/09/20 05:35 PM

I think it is a great idea too!
I am actually very surprised that musicians are not offering U.tracks.
quote:"There could maybe be a short free UserTrack..." This is the only way to go smile

My only concern is, it has to be priced reasonably. I did a wish request some time ago about this. I do not remember all of the specifics, but perhaps it could work similar to kickstarter:
Offer short demo free -> get several committed folks / early birds to get project done.
Posted by: earl kirby

Re: ReaTracks Artist Chris Nole UserTracks - 11/17/21 06:18 PM

I too support the idea of users offering user tracks for sale. Years ago I highly suggested the introduction of user tracks that could be offered to others as a way to open up the over all user abilty of BIAB.