jazz piano master class update

Posted by: jeffgee

jazz piano master class update - 01/01/11 04:05 PM

I want to install jazz piano master class on my external drive and then install the update. I should probably already know how how to do this but can I have some help?....thanks:)
Posted by: Andrew - PG Music

Re: jazz piano master class update - 01/07/11 12:20 PM

Hello Jeff,

I assume you mean that have an older version of the Jazz Piano Master Class that runs directly from a CD-ROM... If so, here is how:

1. Create a folder on your hard drive for each CD (e.g. Jazz Piano Master Class Volume 1)

2. Copy the CONTENTS of the Data folder on each CD to the folder(s) that you created in step 1.

3. Highlight all of the contents of the each new folder with CTRL-A. Right-click on the highlighted region and select Properties. Make sure the read-only box is unchecked.

4. The programs are now ready to run. You could make a shortcut to the application (.exe) file. Sorting the files by "type" makes it easy to find the application file. For example, for the Jazz Piano MasterClass you would find the file "Pmclass.exe", right-click on the file, and select Send to | Desktop (Create shortcut).

Note, however, that this shortcut will only work as long as your drive letter stays the same.

You can install the update patch now. Make sure to select the correct destination directory. This is the folder that you created in step 1.
Posted by: MartinB

Re: jazz piano master class - frustration - 05/06/12 03:03 PM

Frustration trying to run a 'Jazz Piano MasterClass' CD from the year 2001 on a Win 7 / 64 Bit system.

The Update patch does not work either:

Copied the content of the Jazz Piano MasterClass to some folder on a local disk. Made sure that read only attributes are removed. Tried to apply Patch and get the following error message:

"This folder does not contain the Jazz Piano MasterClass. If you continue, the program will not be updated properly. Do you with to continue anyways?
(Note: If there is a DATA folder within your program folder, you should select the DATA folder as the destination for this patch.)"

I tried here every folder and received this very message quite recalcitrantly.

Finally continued anyway. Update is applied seemingly, yet trying to start PMCLASS.EXE made the program crash.

What a boner.
Posted by: MartinB

Re: jazz piano master class - frustration - 05/06/12 04:27 PM

Just re-purchased the Jazz Piano MasterClass expecting that a fresh e-delivery should deliver a functional version of this program.

Downloaded the installation file ... installed ... and got again a program crash from this freshly bought program.

Running a Win 7, 64 Bit system here.

PG Music, please fix this otherwise magnificent program (if running at all), or have it removed from your Sales pages.

29 $ down the drain ...
Posted by: John74

Re: jazz piano master class - frustration - 01/24/16 03:59 AM

Non of the master classes work for me on Win 7 despite updating them with the patches.
Posted by: Larry Kehl

Re: jazz piano master class - frustration - 01/24/16 07:51 PM

All my Master class programs work. Using WIN 7 Pro 64, but I am running it (and 100% of everything else as well) as Administrator - no UAC, UAC is the most useless POS "protection" ever invented.

my PMCLASS.exe file has date modified as 5/26/11 and is 4,077 KB

it is in \data folder of "x:\Jazz Piano Master Class\Vol 1\DATA"
Posted by: faz123

Re: jazz piano master class update - 03/10/16 03:49 AM

Where can I find the patch update that you call about. I have an old version which does'nt work on win 10.