The Classical Pianist

Posted by: hastoy

The Classical Pianist - 04/30/16 08:02 AM

Hi, does anyone have the titles list of PG Music "The Classical Pianist" ? It's 215 pieces. I have moved to Win 7 x64 and lost that song list in the process, I have only the files named 001.mid 002.mid etc. but no titles. Thanks smile


Posted by: Larry Kehl

Re: The Classical Pianist - 04/30/16 04:54 PM

if you own the Pianist (classical pianist) look in the directory where it is and there are TWO text files

Memo0.txt and Memo1.txt that lists all the songs, by number that corresponds to the "nnn.mid" file like this:

"@001 Beethoven's Bagatelle in a (Fuer Elise) was composed on April 27,
1810 as a leaf in an album. ...."

which is "001.mid"

"@002 Rustles of Spring (or Fruehlingsrauschen, composed 1896 and
published in 1909 as part of no. 1 of 6 pieces, opus 32) has been a popular ...."

which is "002.mid:


Posted by: w

Re: The Classical Pianist - 08/27/16 03:56 PM

I have the Mac version of The Classical Pianist purchased many years ago and as you no doubt know those programmes in those days were installed via floppy drive.

Any idea how to install that programme to a iMac ( intel )?

That is, port that programme to a iMac.
Posted by: Kent - PG Music

Re: The Classical Pianist - 09/09/16 03:14 PM

Hi W,

Since that program was made for the old PowerPC Macs, it simply won't run on an Intel machine, and was discontinued years ago so we don't have an updated (Intel-compatible) installer, sorry. Your best bet would be to copy the MIDI files over from your old Mac and play them in another program.

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