Band in a Box for Android

Posted by: GiorgioV

Band in a Box for Android - 01/26/18 01:42 AM

Is Band in a Box for Android going to be updated any time soon?
Posted by: Jim Fogle

Re: Band in a Box for Android - 01/26/18 06:53 AM


Welcome to the forum and to Band-in-a-Box!

Unfortunately, PG Music normally doesn't respond to questions about what's under development or when an app might be updated.

Why not post in the +++ Other Programs Wishlist ++ and give a list of changes you would like to see made to Band-in-a-Box for Android? That would give other users the opportunity to discuss the application, your suggested changes and add our support to your request.

I'm sure that you are aware of this but traditionally the Android platform has not supported music related applications very well. However Android 5.0 and above has strong support for music apps so now is a good time to consider updating Band-in-a-Box for Android.
Posted by: GiorgioV

Re: Band in a Box for Android - 01/27/18 01:02 AM

Hello Jim,

It's just that the app hasn't been updated in quite a while, which, given the current Android release, seemed to be equivalent to having been dropped. So I was asking for a confirmation, since I found the app concept interesting.

I wonder if the software, as it is, is even compatible with today's Android.
Posted by: weldoc

Re: Band in a Box for Android - 08/26/18 09:22 PM

I too would like to know what happened to the Android app. I was using it with the BIAB server and it was working just fine for me. Then I got a new android phone and found it is not even in the Play store anymore. Spent a lot of time trying to run it down. The old app still works on my old disconnected phone but not very convenient is it? Can somebody please give an explanation for why it's been removed? I personally considered it a very useful app. I have been using and upgrading BIAB since the late 80's. This very much disappoints me.
Posted by: Samuel Davis

Re: Band in a Box for Android - 09/10/18 06:50 PM

There's an app?

This is the first I've heard of this.
Posted by: Jim Fogle

Re: Band in a Box for Android - 09/11/18 05:31 PM

There WAS an app. The app is no longer available in the Google Play store.
Posted by: alecz2018

Re: Band in a Box for Android - 11/05/18 03:15 AM

are there any plans of getting an Android version update from PGMUSIC ?
Server makes no sense if only supported for iPhone users....