BIAB for iOS bug, doesn't display 3/4 correctly!

Posted by: bluestaff

BIAB for iOS bug, doesn't display 3/4 correctly! - 01/18/19 05:44 AM


I recently downloaded some songs that I made in BIAB 2018 for Mac in the iOS app, to play live. The songs are in 3/4, they are reproduced correctly in the Mac program but in the iOS app, the cursor doesn't respond correctly to the measure changes. It behaves as if the song is in 4/4, so it moves 1/4 late from measure to measure, but the playback is correct.

How can I fix that??

Thank you
Posted by: Alcarms

Re: BIAB for iOS bug, doesn't display 3/4 correctly! - 01/20/19 02:46 PM


This is no doubt tied to this problem in BIAB & Real Band.
The notation problem started in Real Band & PowerTracks in the 2013 release & has never been fixed & consequently become more broken in subsequent releases. I use 4 bars per line & scroll ahead enabled at 50% trigger & scroll ahead amount set at 50%
Here are the issues:

1-On RealBand launch the notation screen shows 4 bars but revert to 2 bars as soon as it plays the 1st bar. If you stop song & restart the problem disappears. Subsequent songs play OK. (Annoying but livable)

2- Bars dividing line – on playback this dotted vertical line appears properly at the middle of the window between bars 2 & 3, but subsequently migrates to slightly past the second bar causing the scrolling to not properly display 1st few notes of the 3rd bar. In addition part of the 5th bar now appears at the right side of the window to further confuse the user.

3-Timing cursor
A) – Does not move smoothly across the bars. It starts OK but hesitates/jumps when it gets to the end of current bar & then suddenly jumps back into time when it crosses into the next bar.

B) – When it gets to the end of the 2nd bar the timing cursor disappears & is not shown in bar 3 & 4, subsequently when bars 5 & 6 scroll onto the left side of the window it reappears again. Then it disappears after 2 bars & repeats the cycle to the end of the song.

I reported the above to the help folks & they were able to experience the same problems while we were on the phone. In terms of a fix, they started down the path of prioritization etc. I have been reporting the growth of the notation window problems from 2013 on. Very very disappointing!