StylePicker: What does "Cancel" mean?

Posted by: Lloyd S

StylePicker: What does "Cancel" mean? - 09/06/19 07:02 AM

If I have a song in the chordsheet and an existing style,
and I would like to explore different styles using the StylePicker,
my choice of existing style remains "as is" as long as I use just the
"Quick - play using premade demo" function.

That is, if I try several styles using that function, and decide I don't want to use any of them, I can click the "Cancel" button, return to my worksheet and my original style.

However, if at any point in the StylePicker window, I chose the "Play using current chordsheet for song" function, and THEN used the "Cancel" button,
my style CHANGES to the last style chosen.

I would like the choice of:
- keeping the last style chosen or
- reverting to my original style

Perhaps a "Revert to original style" button could be added, that would only become active if you used the "Play using current ..." function was used.

Posted by: VideoTrack

Re: StylePicker: What does "Cancel" mean? - 09/06/19 07:08 AM

I can see how this can happen. The software adopts the chosen style to play your song.

However, it should ideally remember the incoming style, and be able to revert to it if you decide to cancel.

Posted by: JohnJohnJohn

Re: StylePicker: What does "Cancel" mean? - 09/06/19 07:37 AM


But don't add another button! Just remember what was there before and if Cancel is clicked then CANCEL! Cancel means cancel!
Posted by: Lloyd S

Re: StylePicker: What does "Cancel" mean? - 09/06/19 08:07 AM


I thought about that but then there is no button to just "quit" the StylePicker,
without selecting a new style.

Posted by: BlueAttitude

Re: StylePicker: What does "Cancel" mean? - 09/06/19 09:03 AM

Big +1 from me, that behaviour is a real PITA.
Posted by: Dave

Re: StylePicker: What does "Cancel" mean? - 09/06/19 10:28 AM

Can't you just exit without saving, and then reload the original song?
I have always handled auditioning styles, making changes to the song form or even melody changes this way.
It's simple, and foolproof if you don't save or have already created a backup
Posted by: Lloyd S

Re: StylePicker: What does "Cancel" mean? - 09/06/19 12:09 PM


That seems like the long way around.
The way I handle it now is to just use the Cancel button,
then click the Style button and select Recently Used Styles
and re-pick my original style.

Just hoping for something a bit more elegant.
Posted by: Noel96

Re: StylePicker: What does "Cancel" mean? - 09/06/19 05:21 PM


To revert to the original style...

It's also possible to click on the top song in the 'recent files' under the "File" menu... BIAB will ask if you want to save... select 'No' and then the original file with the original style will reload.

If you select 'Yes' when asked to save, the originally loaded song will be overwritten.

Hope this helps,
Posted by: Lloyd S

Re: StylePicker: What does "Cancel" mean? - 09/07/19 07:22 AM

Thanks Noel.
That would be another workaround.

Posted by: jazzmammal

Re: StylePicker: What does "Cancel" mean? - 09/08/19 11:32 AM

+1 I guess but the Stypepicker is hard coded to the chordsheet which is the reason you cannot use Edit>Undo to undo a style change. If they can make that Cancel button work that way then it would also add Undo to a style change which may not be possible. I think the intent of that "Play using current chordsheet" option is to save you from going back and forth from the chordsheet view to the Stylepicker window to test a style with your chords. The fact you have to wait for the song to generate makes it fairly obvious you are changing the style , you are not merely listening to a demo of it.

This does expose one of my many complaints with the Help files though. The Stylepicker Help window tells us what that option does but there should be a simple sentence that says if you choose that option to hear the new style you have actually changed the style of your song. So many little things like this should be spelled out for new users.

One of the most fun things I do with Biab is to mess with many, many different styles and I always remember to go up to File Open and select the song again from the list then say No to the save question. I routinely do that with 15 or 20 styles or even more sometimes.

Posted by: Lloyd S

Re: StylePicker: What does "Cancel" mean? - 09/09/19 08:02 AM

Thanks Bob.
I see the problem if the 2 are hard coded.
I would rather leave things as they are and put up with a workaround than
not have the ability to try different styles using the chord sheet.