Master & Buss Channels

Posted by: benvenisti

Master & Buss Channels - 06/05/20 03:24 PM

I don't know if this feature has been requested before, or if there currently is a way to accomplish it, but here goes.

I think it would be fantastic if BIAB had a mixer like a console strip view with the master buss and other assignable busses where VST's could be inserted for mastering and stem purposes where let's say two guitar tracks could be bussed to, etc.

That's it.

Thanks for looking.
Posted by: Pipeline

Re: Master & Buss Channels - 06/06/20 05:24 PM

You could probably do that with KV Element and ReaStream within Biab or sending to a DAW and returning back to Biab.
You should be able to send tracks with ReaStreamVST to say the Audio track that has KV Element with an FX chain.

In the guitar tracks put reastream-standalone.dll and Sonalksis FreeG after it to mute the output to master.

In the Audio track I load KV_Element.dll then in that I load reastream-standalone.dll using Guitar 1 for ID
after it I Sonalksis FreeG connect to audio out to give level control.
You can put it in the Master (Combo) but you need to connect audio in to audio out.

Sonalksis FreeG Stereo (64 bit).dll
Sonalksis FreeG Mono (64 bit).dll

EDIT: here's a mixer 12 channel mixer vst with 5 sends Win/Mac

EDIT: here's another pic send 1 guitar to Amplitube then to master.
Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Re: Master & Buss Channels - 06/06/20 06:25 PM

The BIAB Mixer on the main screen does not have Buss or aux outs but there is a feature that VST's can be inserted on a channel where two guitar tracks reside and fx's can be applied to both instruments.

Here's how I did it:

Example using guitars RT's 1572 and 1073

I used a midi style and replaced the #26 AC Guitar with RT 1572 located on the Guitar Channel

For plug ins I added PG 5 band Eq set for high pass filter; and PG Echo Chorus; Mixer Volume 88; Mixer Pan 0; Mixer Reverb 21 and tone 2

I opened the RealTrack Picker and Selected the Medley Button

The 1572 guitar occupied the first slot panned 64
I added 1073 guitar to the second slot panned -64

Selected Whole song and play simultaneously


The result is the two guitars play simultaneously with the same effects applied across the track to both guitars.

The Plug Ins Tab accepts VST's as well as PG Effects.
Posted by: benvenisti

Re: Master & Buss Channels - 06/06/20 09:02 PM

Thanks for the replies!

What I currently do is use the DAW plugin and drop the tracks in my DAW (removing the plugins in BIAB and replace them in the DAW tracks) and use the DAW's mixer.

A lot of times I'll generate multi riffs for a particular track and save it as a new song. I load up another instance of the BIAB plugin with the riffs, drop them in, and automate them to solo and or double, cut and paste sections, etc.

That's what I have been doing and get exactly the control I want on the tracks, use channel strips on the Master Bus, and can add stem busses in the DAW with channel strips with mastering effects.

I also use a Sonic-Core system for the audio out using ADAT channels and can use the amazing mixers and effects there.

I don't think there's any better way so, basically, I don't know what I was thinking other than simply getting the separate tracks out of BIAB instead of only through the BIAB master and assigning them to multiple audio outs that are available to my audio hardware to process externally.

That would work for me, instead of a full-fledged mixer.

So that would be my feature request:

The ability to assign tracks to any individual audio output available on the audio hardware.


PS: Been growing up with BIAB since it's birth in 1990. 30 years!!!!!
Posted by: Pipeline

Re: Master & Buss Channels - 06/06/20 10:05 PM

That's the whole idea of ReaStream