Roland Cloud and BIAB

Posted by: Bernard Rasson

Roland Cloud and BIAB - 01/31/21 06:42 AM

Hello everyone,
I am a Roland addict that has used everything from the first Roland rompler (The U20) to the mighty Roland XV5080 to make music with BIAB
I would like PG Music to collaborate somewhat with Roland to use the Roland Cloud versions of the Sound Canvas and 5080 in a "plug n play" way
any takers ?
these products were so much industry standards they sound excellent together
It would be so nice to be able to use a simple ultraportable with BIAB 2021 to make music
thanks for your listening
Posted by: Jim Fogle

Re: Roland Cloud and BIAB - 01/31/21 06:41 PM


You have a pretty nice idea but I do not think it would work. Other than midi, Roland does not have a good history of working with other companies. Look at the software provided for some of Roland's product with USB ports and you will find many older products have out dated device drivers.

Roland built surface controllers, USB interfaces and USB to midi interfaces for Cakewalk while Cakewalk was a Roland subsidiary. Roland refuses to provide updated drivers, give support or permission to Cakewalk to develop new drivers in house.

Last, Roland has not given any indication that it desires to broaden it's subscription business model.
Posted by: Matt Finley

Re: Roland Cloud and BIAB - 01/31/21 08:17 PM

In addition to what Jim stated, any software synth Roland had would be 32-bit and would need to be updated.

EDIT: my thanks to Jim who privately pointed out the Roland Cloud is browser based. My comment about 32-bit is therefore not relevant. In the words of Saturday Night Live, “never mind”.
Posted by: Bernard Rasson

Re: Roland Cloud and BIAB - 02/03/21 01:06 AM

thanks to the experts; I will stick with my Trusty Roland Hardware on one side and BIAB audiophile on the other side
best regards, Guys

one last comment though: Things do evolve: I have bougth The Roland Cloud SRX as a lifetime
product for $129, thus not on a subsciption basis
I know lots of people refuse to use the subsciption model, thus maybe Roland will have to make a step back and cater to what the users want; It would be great to have a virtual 5080 in replacement to TTS-1 whicj is a rathe feeble attempt