Printing problems

Posted by: Brno

Printing problems - 06/06/20 04:44 AM

BiB crashes each time I try to print my lead sheet to PDF. Also it does not show the lead sheet. I tried to install the pdf printed it suggested, but it didn't work. I have used Microsoft to PDF without problems before.
I have 2020 and latest build updates 722. Before last updates it worked just fine.
I also must complain, that it is very frustrating: when you have made the settings so that notation looks good on the display then you must change the settings to make print outs to look good - and to change them back again for display.
Could there be differnet setting for display and printing that don't affect each other?
Posted by: Noel96

Re: Printing problems - 06/06/20 05:05 AM

Hi Brno,

If you go to the support page below and download an older update, it is possible to rollback BIAB to that earlier update.

Scroll down the webpage a little, find the update you want, download it and manually install it. BIAB will give a warning that you are overwriting a more recent update and ask if you want to continue. Accepting that will allow the installation to happen.

Also, I have forwarded a link to your post to BIAB's programmers so that they can read what you have written.

Posted by: Brno

Re: Printing problems - 06/07/20 03:04 AM

I both downgraded to older version and updated to newest version. Still the same problem: when I try to print to pdf or print the progtram crashes. Also, if I try to display leadsheat it freezes until I free it with esc.
It seemsd that printing is impåossible with the 2020 version, could you please fix it!
Posted by: Deryk - PG Music

Re: Printing problems - 06/09/20 06:10 AM

Try going to bb\BBHelper\PDF995 Installer and run the autosetup file as the administrator (by right clicking on it and selecting Run as Administrator). Follow the steps in the installer and then re-open Band-in-a-Box.

Does this help?
Posted by: Dave

Re: Printing problems - 06/10/20 05:31 AM

I stopped using PDF995 years ago. I am using win10 and you can select a print to pdf from the print menu without any additional software.
Posted by: Deryk - PG Music

Re: Printing problems - 06/10/20 06:00 AM

You could try installing a PDF writer on your computer, like Adobe PDF or Cute PDF. Then, in your LeadSheet Print options window, click the "setup printer" button and change the default printer to your PDF writer. When you click "OK-Print" now it should automatically print to PDF for you.
Posted by: Moanale

Re: Printing problems - 08/10/20 02:59 AM

Try the old version, maybe it will help
Posted by: avc

Re: Printing problems - 11/30/20 12:54 PM

Anyone knows how to make multiple track notation work, as the lead sheet track selection box has changed with Ver 2021 & does not seem to provide the capability?