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Posted by: UdoBS

which version - 12/05/16 11:39 PM

Hi there ,

if I compose or give in a certain melody in BIAB , will BIAB
chose the correct chords automatically or do I have to chose
the correct chords myself ??

Which BIAB version should I buy ?

Thanks for your answer

Posted by: sixchannel

Re: which version - 12/06/16 02:12 AM

Hi Udo - I think it depends on how committed you are AND hoiw much you are prepared to spend. I have UltraPlusPak and have never regretted it. If you start with PlusPak, you will not have enough RTs etc to keep you excited in my opinion.
Its best to enter the chords yourself. You CAN use the Auto Chord Wizard to try and find chords to fit your mel;ody line BUT if its only a solo melody the program will have little guidance as to key and nuance and so may come up with the wrong chords.
Posted by: wish

Re: which version - 12/06/16 02:37 AM

I bought the basic pro pack 4 months ago and I need lots more so can't wait to get the ultraplus PAK and then I can buy the 49 pack I believe.
The starter pack will leave you wanting.
Posted by: UdoBS

Re: which version - 12/06/16 02:41 AM

Hi Ian ,

Thanks for your interesting answer.I play guitar and
a Tyros 5 and I wanted the BIAB to help me to find
the right chords.
I don't mean Tonica , dominate and Subdominante
but sometimes you think it is the correct chord but
its not and that single wrong chord leads you on a complete
wrong track if you know what I mean

Anyway thanks for your opinion

Posted by: David Snyder

Re: which version - 12/06/16 05:43 AM


If you play guitar, bookmark this website and look at where your fingers are on certain chords you are not sure of.

It is hardly ever wrong.

Enter those in.


BIAB is pretty good with 80%. Use this for the other 20.

Posted by: Island Soul

Re: which version - 12/06/16 10:31 AM

I use the Audiophile version only because I need every Real Track and I wanted them uncompressed. Worth the money to me.
Posted by: UdoBS

Re: which version - 12/06/16 11:13 AM

Hi there ,

Thank you all for your input .

I have think what is the best way for me