BIAB & Real Band /Real Tracks

Posted by: POPPIT56

BIAB & Real Band /Real Tracks - 03/08/18 05:55 PM

Ok, recently purchased BIAB 2017 which came w/ Real Band, but my question is what is Real Tracks? Is it part of BIAB or part of Real Band and is it IN Real Band or a seperate download ?
Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Re: BIAB & Real Band /Real Tracks - 03/08/18 06:31 PM

RealTracks are the instruments that play over your chord chart of your song. They are audio files of top recording session players so you have real players accompanying your song project. They are the same for BIAB and RealBand and work with either program.
Posted by: POPPIT56

Re: BIAB & Real Band /Real Tracks - 03/08/18 07:46 PM

Hey Thanks C.Fogle... smile
Posted by: Matt Finley

Re: BIAB & Real Band /Real Tracks - 03/08/18 07:53 PM

Charlie is correct.

Also, BIAB comes in various configurations, but the underlying program is the same in all. Same for RealBand (provided free). The difference is in how many RealTracks, RealDrums, and Styles you purchased. Also there are Bonus Paks offered each year.
Posted by: flatfoot

Re: BIAB & Real Band /Real Tracks - 03/09/18 08:39 AM


BiaB is a unique composition tool that is not like any other program available. It uses artificial intelligence to compose music in a way that no other program can do.

RealBand is a little more generic. It belongs to a type of program called "Digital Audio Workstation," or DAW. It is analogous to a recording studio. There are a number of 'tracks,' each with its own instrument: piano, drums, bass, etc. There are a number of other programs that work this way.

Both programs can use Real Tracks.

It is possible to create a complete song without RT's. When you use them, its as if you called up some musicians to be on your song: Bob on piano, Tom on guitar, Mary on Bass. Each 'person' will play the chords you tell them to, in their own way. If you don't like what Bob did, take him out and get another piano player.

If you look closely at all the information on the RealTracks, you can see the musician's names. These are real people. They work for you now.