Extending a song

Posted by: Torq2

Extending a song - 11/22/20 09:48 AM

I was wondering if someone would help me with this.

I was sent Carol Kings, "It's Too Late" by a friend, the problem is, it is three verses and chorus's and finish, which is set as a repeat.
If you know the record, you will know that there is an instrumental with a further chorus and fade out.

If i try to extend the song, it also extends the chorus. What I am trying to do is add the instrumental and fade out, but keep the rest of the song intact.

Normally i would just rewrite the whole song, but this is not the first time that I have come up against this problem and I thought it would be nice to find out how it is done.

My friend doesn't know how to do it, which is why he made the song as it is. I tried to search this but it didn't return anything.

Posted by: Matt Finley

Re: Extending a song - 11/22/20 11:05 AM

There are several possible approaches.

One is to use what BIAB calls a Tag. Find this in Edit, Song Form, Settings.

Another is to Edit, Song Form, Unfold to one long chorus. Then you can make the song whatever you want.

Another is to use the Tools icon, Form, Song Form Dialog.

Look these up in the Help and try each to see what makes sense to you.

Me? From your description, I would use a Tag.
Posted by: Torq2

Re: Extending a song - 12/03/20 03:44 AM

Hi Matt,

Sorry I was a slow in replying, I was changing my hard drive and it took a while sorting out.
Thanks for you help with this problem. I used the tag setting and it worked a treat.

Regards Rob
Posted by: Matt Finley

Re: Extending a song - 12/03/20 06:01 AM

Excellent news. Tag is very handy.

You could now edit your original post to mark as Resolved if you choose.