Band-in-a-Box® - Tip of the Day Feature!

Posted by: Callie - PG Music

Band-in-a-Box® - Tip of the Day Feature! - 08/10/21 12:49 PM

Did you know that Band-in-a-Box® for Windows shares helpful tips when you first open the program? It's a great way for new users to get to know the program! Only want to hear about the new version? You can adjust this feature to share tips on just the new version by selecting "Only Show Tips for Version 2021" when you are in the Help | Tip of the Day.

A few of the recent Tips I've seen when I open my copy of Band-in-a-Box® include:

-You can use a mouse wheel to control sliders and dials in the Mixer.

-The Guitar window supports the left-handed guitar and student view. You can set this in the Guitar Settings dialog.

-An asterisk (C 5*) shown in the "Clef split at" option in the Notation Windows Options indicates that the middle C is C 5.

-You can use the Melodist to generate chord progressions, without melodies, by deselecting the "Generate Melody" checkbox in the Melodist dialog. Press the Melodist button to launch the Melodist.

-Do you like keystroke shortcuts? Launch Melodist (Shift-F5), Launch Soloist (Shift F4), Guitar Window (Ctrl-Shift-G), Drum Kit Window (Ctrl-Shift-D), Leadsheet Window (alt W).

-Need a list of BB chords? Right click on the chordsheet, select Chord Builder, and use the combo box that lists all of the chords available in Band-in-a-Box.

-Is your practicing stuck in a rut? Try playing a familiar song in a different key each chorus. To do this, go to Options | Preferences | Transpose and select 'Transpose each chorus'.

-BB can generate a title for you. Press the Song Titles button on the middle right of the screen. For a more comprehensive auto-titling program, choose GM-Run Other Application and select C:\bb\Data\Lib\TitleGen.exe.
(This is one of my favorite features!)

Have a Band-in-a-Box® tip of your own to share with other program users? Post it to our Tips and Tricks forum.
Posted by: Guitartist

Re: Band-in-a-Box® - Tip of the Day Feature! - 08/11/21 08:04 AM

Is this a Windows-only feature?
Posted by: Callie - PG Music

Re: Band-in-a-Box® - Tip of the Day Feature! - 08/12/21 09:16 AM

This feature is in the Windows version, yes. For Mac you'll notice the "hints" that appear when you hover over an option/button in the program.

I am working from home, and do not have a Mac version on hand to check, however I'm told that Hints are in Preferences 2 - "Help Tags"

Posted by: Simon - PG Music

Re: Band-in-a-Box® - Tip of the Day Feature! - 08/12/21 02:12 PM

Originally Posted By: Callie - PG Music
Preferences 2 - "Help Tags"

Indeed they are Callie, I've added a screenshot of that section of the Preferences!

To get there, go to Options > Preferences, then click on the button for Preferences 2.
Posted by: Icelander

Re: Band-in-a-Box® - Tip of the Day Feature! - 08/24/21 11:26 AM

Fact still remains it is indeed a Windows-Only thing.