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#128268 - 09/05/11 06:58 AM [User Showcase] Brigitte La Belle
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Mike. R. Offline

Registered: 08/20/11
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Loc: Cumbria - United Kingdom
Hi there everyone.

Just to introduce myself, one of my first RB forays - only had it a couple of weeks and absolutely loving it.

A short piece that conjures up a late 60s feel of France and carefree abandon - Alons Y !!

Brigitte La Belle

Guitars - Realracks (RT692 AC RockBright & RT 405 Strumming)
Bass - Realracks (RT518 Bass Electric Pop Half Notes)
Drums - RealDrums Conga (One I made following the excellent BAIB help guide )
Bell Sound - 3xOSC synth in FL Studio
Vocals - Brigitte and Claude (see below)

Brigitte and Claude are in fact the Vocaloid "Prima" spaced one octave apart and the higher one doubled.
Ooohs used this time but also capable of singing lyrics in English and some other languages.

Vocaloid 3 is coming out in a couple of weeks so don't know how much better that will be.

Mastered in FL Studio Producer
Reverb, panning and multi layering added on vocals in FL Studio
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#128269 - 09/05/11 12:41 PM [User Showcase] Re: Brigitte La Belle [Re: Mike. R.]
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Mr_Songman Offline

Registered: 08/16/10
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Loc: Surrey,England
Hi Mike,

This is really nice and is crying out for a lyric!! Please do - I'd love to hear it.

I've just been listening to your other tracks and I was absolutely blown away by A New Day Is Born.

I love it - it has such a cool vibe to it. You know that feeling that some songs give you - and you have no idea why - that make your hairs stand on end and just take you to a really good place somewhere in the past, or somewhere you wish for??

Well A New Day Is Born does that to me!!

A superb piece of songwriting. I'll leave the experts to comment on the sound and mix - but the song is superb!!

Good luck with it.

Music is what feelings sound like.

#128270 - 09/05/11 09:01 PM [User Showcase] Re: Brigitte La Belle [Re: Mr_Songman]
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PgFantastic Offline

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Very nice song. Thanks for sharing! Welcome aboard!

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#128271 - 09/08/11 09:20 PM [User Showcase] Re: Brigitte La Belle [Re: PgFantastic]
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Steve Young Offline

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Mike this is very good. Interesting work with Vocaloid. Welcome to the forum!

Steve Young
"In order to compose, all you need to do is remember a tune that nobody else has thought of." - Robert Schumann

#128272 - 09/09/11 07:22 PM [User Showcase] Re: Brigitte La Belle [Re: Steve Young]
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MarioD Online   content

Registered: 12/27/03
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Welcome Mike.

This is very good. I have never heard of the Vocaloid before. This sounds very interesting. Great job on that.
Your brain is a wonderful thing. It works 24/7/365 right from birth until the day you fall in love.

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