Hi All,

I've been using BIAB since version 10, perhaps earlier....back when SONAR was CAKEWALK and DOSlike. Here's my first posting of a song I wrote when a friend's birthday was coming up. I used BAIB for the backgrounds. Really, everything but the vocals and the guitar towards the end. I took the BB tracks and exported individually, subsequently importing them into SONAR. That is were I added the vocal tracks and also added the Guitar tracks towards the end. After doing that and sending it to a couple people, someone suggested I put it on Youtube. So, now I had to learn how to animate ..... I got Smith Anime Studio, soon upgraded to Pro 7 for a couple of feature improvements and learned how to do some rudimentary animations. A couple late night sessions and it was done. I just recently added Spanish subtitles. Still learning the ropes on all this. Here's the link. I hope you enjoy.


Thanks for giving it a listen,

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