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#140318 - 12/11/11 10:47 AM [RealBand] Is there a comprehensive list of which VST/VSTis work with Realband
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Joe V Offline

Registered: 02/19/06
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Perhaps some of you have seen my other post regarding my difficulty in getting RB to work with VSTis.

To make my life easier, I was wondering if someone may have a link to some information regarding which VSTi's are compatible and/or incompatible with RB, and any configuration tips that may not immediately be so apparent.


#140319 - 12/11/11 11:05 AM [RealBand] Re: Is there a comprehensive list of which VST/VSTis work with Realband [Re: Joe V]
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eddie1261 Online   content

Registered: 04/08/11
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The best I know is that they should ALL work. A VST doesn't know what is calling it, right?

#140320 - 12/11/11 11:40 AM [RealBand] Re: Is there a comprehensive list of which VST/VSTis work with Realband [Re: eddie1261]
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silvertones Offline

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They all work sort of. Any of the VSTis that require clock input do not work as PG has not yet provide support for those.
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#140321 - 12/11/11 01:11 PM [RealBand] Re: Is there a comprehensive list of which VST/VSTis work with Realband [Re: silvertones]
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RobH Offline

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Typical VSTi's like sampletank, kontact, TTS, all work fine. Things like Jamstix, EZ Drums, work as long as you just use them as drum samplers, if you want them to actually jam or create anything they do not sync. I have had issues with a few more, but it has been a while since i tried them.
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#140322 - 12/12/11 06:42 PM [RealBand] Re: Is there a comprehensive list of which VST/VSTis work with Realband [Re: RobH]
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PeterGannon Offline
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There was a list circulating during the beta. I can't find it at the moment. If anyone knows where that list is, please post it here.
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#140323 - 12/12/11 06:46 PM [RealBand] Re: Is there a comprehensive list of which VST/VSTis work with Realband [Re: PeterGannon]
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rharv Offline

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These are ones that have been known to work in the last short while, (there are many more)
The list is from a various users survey..not one persons list. These are known to work on systems of various everyday users; doesn't mean they'll work on your system, just that they have been used successfully by regular users..

Sonic Synth
SuperWaveP8 (old JX8P style synth emulator)
* Chris Hein Horns
* Garritan Jazz and Big Band
* Garritan Personal Orchestra
* NI Absynth 4
* NI Acoustic Piano
* NI B4
* NI Electric Piano 1.5
* NI FM8
* NI Pro 53
* NI Massive
* Guitar Rig 3
Garritan) Concert and Marching Band.
Mr Ray's Piano

Guitar Rig 4
Kjaerhus Audio Classic Series
Helian 1st Bass
Helian 2nd Bass
Ambience Reverb
RealPlugs (from Reaper)
Voxengo Boogex
Voxengo SPAN
Voxengo TubeAmp
Voxengo OvertoneGEQ
FreeAmp FA3 Full
GComp and GComp3band
Phase Bug
Floorfish (all the digital fishphone plugins work; compressor, de-esser, etc)
Modern line of plugins (lots of various analog compressor emulators)
Luxonix LFX1310
Hexaline 202
Heeb Crunchdude

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#140324 - 12/12/11 07:02 PM [RealBand] Re: Is there a comprehensive list of which VST/VSTis work with Realband [Re: rharv]
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rockstar_not Offline

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If you are interested as well in VST, then none of the tempo-related items work as intended to my knowledge. So, all the delays, autofilters, beat-dividing VST, etc. can't function as intended to lock to tempo. Most of the modulation effects I use with the exception of chorus, depend on beat information. I use mostly freeware effects, and they all use beats and divisions for their modulation inputs.

My favorite freeware plugins that do require tempo information:

Bionic Delay from (actually, nearly every commercial delay and freeware delay uses tempo and beat multiplication or division)

Classic Autofilter from Kjaerhus

Frohmage from Ohmforce

As RealTracks become more popular and handle tempo differences in a relatively trouble-free mode, it's only expected that plugin behavior and expectations would be the same.

This includes most freeware and commercially available VST/VSTi that have any sort of tempo use.

Yes they will work, but you will need to switch off tempo locking and do manual calculation of time calculations for repeat rate, cycle time, etc. Nothing impossible, but if you are used to these features in your VSTi (arpeggiator settings for example) or your VST (delay time in a delay for example) then you might get frustrated trying to reference a list of what does and doesn't work.

Instead of maintaining a list - just think about tempo locking and whether or not it makes sense in a plugin that it would be there - if you answer 'yes' to that question, then ask specifically about that particular plugin here.

Jamstix, for example, absolutely needs tempo information to do it's 'jamming'. Without it, it's really just a fancy drum sampler/module.


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#140325 - 12/12/11 08:44 PM [RealBand] Re: Is there a comprehensive list of which VST/VSTis work with Realband [Re: rockstar_not]
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Joe V Offline

Registered: 02/19/06
Posts: 1037
Loc: NYC
Thanks very much for your detailed responses. Looking forward to trying some of these.


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