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#209862 - 07/19/13 03:58 AM [User Showcase] The Victory Is Won
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Here is my latest song, I wrote this as a talking song, but as I sampled styles from band in a box, a different version came out of it. I would have never thought to do it this way without band in a box. With the style I used I was actually able to modulate using band in a box.

The instruments are
bass 388
resonator 408
RD's Nashville Ev^86 hihat,hhat0
405 acoustic strum
384 elec gtr
1519 elec gtr solo

The Victory Is Won
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#209870 - 07/19/13 08:08 AM [User Showcase] Re: The Victory Is Won [Re: PgFantastic]
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man, your vocals just sit right on top! what are you doing to your vocal tracks to make 'em stand out like that?

Regarding the song, I know what you mean about finding unexpected ways to develop an idea because of BIAB's thousands of options. I appreciate your ministry of music. great job!

#209912 - 07/20/13 01:38 AM [User Showcase] Re: The Victory Is Won [Re: PgFantastic]
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Registered: 02/11/05
Posts: 2646
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Thanks for the feedback on The Victory is won.

Regarding how the vocals are sitting, I used a frequency analyzer to set my levels, and then automated the vocals where they were either to low are to high.

If you have a frequency analyzer of some type here is what I did:


1. before the mix turn all of your faders to 0, make sure every instrument is turned down otherwise when you do the next step you will be hard of hearing LOL.

2.Now turn your speakers up to half output.

3. Now bring the drum kit volume up until it is hitting at -40 db on the freq analyzer. I know this sounds low but when you master the tracks you will bring the volume up. Also because you have the speakers up louder it is really like -20. The reason for the low level is that when you master the sound you can turn it up until it is at the right level with out squashing the music.

4. Next bring up the bass until it is hitting at about -50 on the analyzer. The kick drum and the bass should be about the same apparent volume, if not adjust until your ears tell you it is good. Next bring up all background instruments to same apparent level as bass i.e rhythm guitar, rhythm piano etc.

5. Next set your Lead instrument volumes to the -40 on the analyzer same as drum kit.

6. The last thing to bring up is your vocal and it will be set to the same -40 as the drum kit and the lead instruments.

Once you have your mix the way you like,


and then add your master effects, begin turning up the volume until it is good to your ears. I always listen through ear phones to make any final calls, as you will be able to tell if something is a miss.

Always trust your ears in the end when setting volume levels. But these should give you a real good place to start and will be very accurate. What this does is create a pocket between the drums and the rhythm instruments that the vocal will sit in nicely.

I hope this helps.
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Psalm 57:7 My heart, O God, is steadfast, my heart is steadfast; I will sing and make music.

#209934 - 07/20/13 12:33 PM [User Showcase] Re: The Victory Is Won [Re: PgFantastic]
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Hi Robert,
it was fun listening.
Thanks for your description of the mix.

I suggest, you put your 50/90 posts into one thread for not
flooding the forum.

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