Until now, i have just used BIAB to make instrumental music, but i have just released my first actual song with vocals with a musical arrangement made completely with BIAB. It is called Pressure To Be Thin and you can hear it on Youtube at this link:
Pressure To Be Thin on Youtube
The musical arrangement was made completely in BIAB 2012 using only Realtracks, no midis were harmed in the making of this song smile. Reverb and EQ were added in the BIAB mixer. The only processing of the music not made with BIAB was adjusting the volume levels of the instrumental with Adobe Audition to work well with the vocal levels and using Reaper to slide the entire instrumental file to start a little later in time since i was singing too far behind the beat.

I did NOT add compression to the musical arrangement, and none to the vocal either, because compression tends to suck the life out of music by flattening the dynamics.

I know i don't have a very good singing voice, so i am not soliciting your opinions concerning that area, but in addition to your opinions about the musical arrangement i would be interested in hearing your opinions about the song (melody and lyric) itself.

In the subject line of this post i have described the song as being "Top 40 Style" because it has the verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus structure and the repetition of the hook line in the chorus so many times until you're sick of it smile that so many top 40 songs have.

On my Youtube channel on the description of the video for this song, and also on my blog at my website at
My Blog
i have written a long explanation about the origin of the pressure to be thin and the other pressures we face in life. It is probably something you have not seen explained in that manner before. Even if you don't like the song, please read that explanation, i think you will get something out of it since it contains ideas that you can apply to many aspects of life.

I actually wrote the original version of this song around 10 years ago but have completely rewritten the music and changed a lot of the words in the past year.


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