Thanks, Wombat. I never would have figured out the jargon on my own.

"Total Tempo" means the total of the increments plus the original tempo as lowered to make room for the increments. "Woodshed" is a verb meaning "Increase tempo by increment of X". So this would appear to be the procedure:

1. Decide ending tempo.
2. Decide beginning tempo.
3. Subtract beginning tempo from ending tempo.
4. Decide what the increment of increase in tempo will be.
5. Hope the arithmetic came out right. Helps to use a computer program. You must woodshed in the correct increments the correct number of times to reach the total tempo.

For example, if you want to start at 100 bpm and reach 200 bpm in 3 stages . . .

200 - 100 = 100
100/3 = 33.33

Starting tempo = 100
Total Temp = 200
"Woodshed by" 33.33

Also remember to make a note somewhere of what the original tempo was before you changed it in order to "woodshed" in the word's other sense, i.e. to practice, otherwise, the audio track will be out of tempo.