It would be a great improvement if you could build in an additional function into BIAB, in the literature described as "Polyphonic Instrument Recognition", "Musical Instrument Recognition In Polyphonic Audio..." or "Instrument Identification In Polyphonic Music", etc. There is a lot of "open source" software (eg. programmed in Python) at a few universities for this reason. Such package of routines could be build into BIAB (or distributed as an additional package), and would run somehow in background, of course only "on request". For instance, it would be nice to have such function behind BIABs "audio chord wizard" button - something like the decision (question) "would you like to analyze / recognize instrument(s)? (Yes/No)" If yes, the python routines would be started in background and deliver the data to BIAB via build-in interface. Then, each instrument could be "picked up" by muting the others in the BIAB-mixer.
Please have a look for example at
"Essentia" from university Barcelona (Spain, Europe):
or the download from

Please, let me shortly know if your company intent to do something in this direction or not. It would be really great!
Thank you in advance,