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#392840 - 01/28/17 08:51 AM [User Showcase] Re: Under Another Name (with Joanne Cooper) [Re: David Snyder]
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Originally Posted By: David Snyder
This is really gorgeous. Outstanding song, and mix and great vocals Joanne!!!!


Thank you for listening- I`m glad you enjoyed this.


#393030 - 01/29/17 09:48 AM [User Showcase] Re: Under Another Name (with Joanne Cooper) [Re: floyd jane]
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Originally Posted By: floyd jane

A solid folk write. So many fine lines. Cool title, too.
The melody gives the sense of a classic known for ages...

Joanne did a nice job on this. Well sung.



Ditto! Floyd got it right. Never heard Joanne sound better, and the song is wonderful!! Take care. Greg

#393118 - 01/29/17 04:49 PM [User Showcase] Re: Under Another Name (with Joanne Cooper) [Re: Greg Johnson]
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Thanks for your listen and comments!


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