Re-posting a song, is not something I would normally do, but when I posted this composition not too long ago, it was not an entry into a song competition being powered by 'Soundcloud', and since I have been working on it non-stop, and continue to do so, I thought why not link my contest page here, simply because the advancement of my entry, relies mostly on Facebook and Twitter, shares - as well as individual plays, to achieve finalist status. And, simply put, I am not, nor have ever been, much of a Facebook fan (for many reasons - but mainly these days, because I feel it is becoming more a service after my money, than a social network), you can count my friends on the network, with as little as a few fingers. Were I not a songwriter, with an artist page there, I would not bother utilizing the medium at all at this stage of its audacity and monstrosity.

Nor, am I Twitter person either, having only 20 or so followers - despite my having nothing in-particular against Twitter, as yet, per se', except that maybe I am too long-winded a soul to mesh well with it..

At any rate, I am not hoping for any shares of this song from the contest page to your respective Facebook or Twitter pages, just a few new listens, perhaps, as I tenaciously try to improve the song in order to better compete. Once again, my vocal on the number, although improved, remains a continuing challenge for me. Mercifully, I can update the wav file at Soundcloud as needed.

An entrant into said contest, does not win a 5 million dollar recording contract for singing a cover song, like on 'X-Factor', or anything material or monetary at all. What one receives should they do well, is to have your song either Tweeted or posted to Facebook by the artistically and commercially successful judges themselves. So therefore. I am involved with it, strictly for the possible exposure to my work. I see nothing devious, underhanded or dastardly about seeking support for my original song here, since it was created with Band-in-a-box and PT. And wouldn't it be something indeed, to become a finalist in a contest sponsored by The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, with nothing more than a dingy old cracked in several places guitar, and a computer with a run o' the mill, stock, soundcard?

There are still 45 or so days left in this contest I speak of, for anyone here who might consider entering.

Let me also take this opportunity to extend a thank you to MarioD, who was kind enough to help me improve my song, by contributing some of his time to its organ track.