With respect to copyright issues, I interpret the universal, free availability of the TV theme songs at http://www.televisiontunes.com as evidence that they are in the public domain. And I assert that "Portrait of L" is not the same song as "I Love Lucy." Two things are identical if they have all of their features in common. I claim that "I Love Lucy" and "Portrait of L" have very few features in common.

One way to support this claim is to let Forum members themselves decide by taking part in a "name that tune" quiz, in the spirit of Peter Gannon's postscript to "Have Fun." Only one participant made the connection, providing plausible assurance that "Lucy" and "L" are different tunes.

My opinion is that all the Forum members, those associated with PG Music and otherwise, should, in a spirit of good will, collectively decide if a posted tune constitutes infringement by listening to a head-to-head comparison of a song and its alleged infringer. In that spirit, listen to "Bridges" and compare it with the original TV theme that inspired it: http://www.televisiontunes.com/Sea_Hunt.html If it is felt that I have produced a "cover" song, I'll happily withdraw the post.

Aleck Rand
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