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I'll have to look but I seem to remember there was already a Allanah provided TEXT file that listed ("decoded" DOS 8.3 to actual) song title in all those files - but I don't remember

also most of those songs (NOT all but vast majority) have been "borrowed" from Allanah and zipped up by ASCII alphabet letter (special character, numbers and a through z) at the Yahoo BIAB files archive

so there are a lot of the same or variations of the same Allanha (hard work) - all with long file (song title ) names



Alas Yahoo has been overtaken by OATH and became marketing spyware ridden, and you can't access it without OK-ing that, completely against EU privacy laws. For now i am avoiding it, as there's no opting out on it or made too complicated .... . I just filed a complaint with the EU privacy authority. What happened with personal data and information Yahoo already has collected? There's no simple editing possible of one's profile, and no access and overview regarding collected data from their existing users.